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Public toboggan run Edit or translate this description.
Group: Sports
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Public toboggan run.

There are racing toboggan and bobsleigh runs that are snowed or iced in winter, see Piste Maps (piste:type=sled).

For a bobsled run also sport=bobsleigh is used.

Further, there are "Summer toboggan" runs, with sleds on wheels in a trough or on rails (similar to a roller coaster), also called Alpine Coaster, which are run as tourist attractions (see attraction=summer_toboggan).

How to map

Draw the way way of the toboggan track and add sport=toboggan. For ones used for racing add also leisure=track

Further tags

For the sports facility

Add a node node at the start or middle of the facility and tag it with

The lift for dragging the vehicles uphill


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