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Western Leisure Centre, Cardiff, Wales.jpg
A sports centre is a distinct facility where sports take place within an enclosed area.
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A sports centre is a distinct facility where sports take place within an enclosed area. It can be a building or outside.

Facilities within a sports centre may include swimming pools, spa, solarium, sauna and/or steam room, sports hall, squash courts, fitness suite, aerobics studios, outdoor grass and/or artificial pitches for football (soccer), hockey etc and also any associated cafeteria, bars and other facilities.

How to map

Place an Node in the centre of the facility with the tag, or draw an area Area around all of the grounds, and place the tag leisure=sports_centre on it.

Specific sports may have a sport=* tag associated the sports centre itself, and you may decide to list multiple sports with a ';' (Semi-colon value separator) however...

It is better to use more specific tags on separate elements within a sports centre area. For example leisure=pitches or building contained within the sports centre. Use building=* for any buildings which are included within the centre. These can be given different sport and leisure tags. Note that you should not place the leisure=sports_centre on inner elements. Use this tag once on the outer area of the sports centre (One feature, one OSM element)

Spelling: Use "centre" (British English), not "center" (American English).

Tags used in combination

Examples inside

Description Tags
Sports hall of a school
Indoor swimming pool
Indoor tennis center
Riding school
Climbing hall

Examples outside

You should specify the sport with sport=*, possibly with a semicolon.

It is better to draw the fields and mark them with leisure=pitch + sport=*.

Description Tags
Sports field with soccer fields
Tennis court
Riding arena
Horse Races
Swimming pool facility

Services tags


key values description
shoes:rental yes/no rents shoes appropriate for the sport
clothes:rental yes/no rents clothes appropriate for the sport
racket:rental yes/no rents rackets appropriate for the sport

See also shop=rental

Similar tags

  • leisure=stadium - Venue for large sporting events and perhaps also performing arts events. This can usually house many spectators / supporters in tiered seating.
  • leisure=pitch - An area designed for playing a particular sport, normally designated with appropriate markings
  • amenity=community_centre - Used a mixture of activities and events, may include some sports
  • landuse=winter_sports - For land used for winter sports
  • amenity=dojo - A formal training place for any of the Japanese do arts.
  • leisure=fitness_centre - One of the main proposed ways to tag gyms/fitness centres, discussed at Gym_/_Fitness_centre. Is more specific than using leisure=sports_centre.

Similar tags to a swimming pool facility:

  • leisure=water_park: an amusement park featuring water play areas such as recreational pools, water slides or lazy rivers; not used for swimming as a sport
  • amenity=public_bath: a facility where you can go and take a bath, e.g. an onsen, a hot spring, a hammam or a thermal bath

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