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Used to denote if a place rents things and what it rents. Edit or translate this description.
Group: Properties
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Status: de factoPage for proposal

The key rental=* is used for specifying what a feature rents. Used in cases where a rental shop, another type of shop, or anything else rents something, but rental is not the main function. It does not replace more established top level rental tags like amenity=car_rental.

How to map

Create a node or area and add a main feature tag, such as shop=rental, and add the key rental=* with one of the values below (A Semi-colon value separator can be used in cases where multiple items can be rented):

Possible values

Tag Description Image
rental=yes rental services are available
rental=no rentals are not available
rental=atv rent an ATV (quad, quad bike, quadricycle)
rental=car rent a car Aiga carrental inv.gif Aiga carrental.gif
rental=bicycle bicycles
rental=watering_can rent a watering can, sometimes at cemeteries Watering-can.svg
rental=machines you can rent tools, and machines for DIY
rental=motorcycle motorcycle rental (motor-bike rental)
rental=canoe canoe rental
rental=ski ski rental
rental=trolley trolley (shopping cart) rental, normally at shop=supermarkets. Trolley parking.png
rental=costumes costumes e.g. for carnival
rental=clothes rent clothes e.g. tuxedos
rental=house rent a house, maybe on a real estate office

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