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About tagging of ways, points, areas and relations related to horse riding.

This article is dedicated to features related to horse riding.


The following table contains a list of features together with their correct tagging and an exemplary photo. Keys written in italic are proposed and not yet approved. For a detailed description of each feature see the associated article.

Feature Tagging Element Description Photo
Access restriction horse=* nodewayarea If horse riders are allowed (horse=yes) or forbidden (horse=no) in a specific area. Sinnbild Reiter, StVO 1992.svg
Bridleway highway=bridleway way A way intended for use by horsemen. Pedestrians are usually also permitted, cyclists may be permitted depending on local rules/laws. Other vehicles are usually forbidden. Geograph-439361-by-Roger--Kidd.jpg
Difficulty for trail riding horse_scale=* way A rating scheme for the difficulty of trails for trail riding. Old Pack Horse Bridge, Carrbridge - geograph.org.uk - 37420.jpg
Feeding station amenity=feeding_place
nodearea An automated feeding station to provide fodder. Feeding station in an open stable.jpg
Field shelter amenity=shelter

if necessary
nodearea A shelter to provide protection against bad weather conditions. As those shelters are usually not freely accessible the tag access=private might be appropriate. Field shelter.jpg
Ford ford=yes nodeway A shallow place with good footing where a river or stream may be crossed by wading or in a vehicle. Byway Ford at Frensham Common (geograph 3740627).jpg
node A guidepost / signpost with information for horse riders. Lodzki Szlak Konny na Luku Zaleczanskim.jpg
Horse boarding amenity=animal_boarding
nodearea A boarding facility for horses. Horse Boarding Alamo CA.jpg
Horse stile barrier=horse_stile nodeway A horse stile allows pedestrians and horses to cross a gap through a fence, but prevents or makes it very difficult for motorcycles, riderless horses and other live stock to cross. Horse stile on the Doncaster Greenway - geograph.org.uk - 502599.jpg
Horse walker animal=horse_walker nodearea A horse walker is used for exercising horses or to cool them down after training (so called hot walker). Führanlage Röwer Rüb 02.jpg
Jumping Barrier barrier=horse_jump
nodeway An obstacle to jump over. Cross-country horse jump - geograph.org.uk - 419600.jpg
nodearea A manger to provide hay as fodder. Verspielter Pfalz Ardenner Tiergarten Worms 2011.JPG
Manure man_made=bunker_silo
nodearea Bunker silos are open-sided structures which can be used with tractor to empty them. They are used to store  manure. Empty bunker silo in Nebraska.jpg

Manure (DFdB).JPG

Map tourism=information
node A board with a map that shows features related to horse riding. Jezdecké stezky Podralskem 1.JPG
Mounting Block amenity=mounting_block
nodearea An aid to mounting a horse, usually a set of steps. There is discussion on what key to use, but most mappers are using the amenity=mounting_block.
Do not use horse=mounting_block as the key horse is for access tags only.
Mounting Block, Eglinton.JPG
Open stable landuse=animal_keeping
area A fenced area where horses are kept, but can move freely and food and water is provided. The horses may stay in the open stable the whole time. The fence can be tagged using barrier=fence and fence_type=*. Open stable Velm Neuhaus.jpg
Paddock landuse=animal_keeping
area A paddock is a fenced area to keep horses but does not allow for grazing. The surface is either very low cut grass or a layer of sand or similar material. In order to keep the surface suitable usually a drainage is necessary. The fence can be tagged using barrier=fence and fence_type=*.
The main difference to a pasture, which is also called paddock in some regions, is that a paddock does not allow grazing and possesses a drainage.
Paddock 2006 by-RaBoe.jpg
Paddock box landuse=animal_keeping

used for the open-air area

see Stable for the building
area A paddock box is a stall (box) for a horse with a very small adjacent outdoor enclosure which grants access to the open air but does not allow grazing. A paddock box is tagged just like a stable with an adjacent paddock area. Paddock Image Roewer Rueb 02.jpg

and optional
area Pasture - sometimes also called paddock - is a fenced area mainly used for grazing. The fence can be tagged using barrier=fence and fence_type=*.
If the area is not suitable for grazing, see Paddock.
Untere Hetschmühle, Pferdekoppel.jpg

for the track

for the whole facility

wayarea A  racecourse for horses. Use the key surface=* to specify the surface of the track. Maiden Cup 2006, Champ de Mars Racecourse, Port Louis, Mauritius - 20060910.jpg
Riding arena leisure=pitch

additional if within a building
nodearea A  place to exercise horse riding. May also be located in a building or under a roof. If the whole building is used for this purpose, add the tag building=*. Otherwise, if only part of the building is used, map this part separately and only apply the tag leisure=pitch and sport=equestrian. Buelkau Dressurplatz 01 (RaBoe).jpg
Riding hall building=riding_hall

area A building that was built as a  riding hall (or  lungeing hall). Ehem. Landgestüt Landshut Reithalle.JPG
Riding centre /
Riding stables

additional if appropriate
nodearea An  equestrian facility where people go in their spare time and practise horse riding. May include riding arenas, stables, riding halls, other related buildings or paddocks. Warendorf, Reitanlage Josephshof -- 2014 -- 8591 -- Ausschnitt.jpg
Riding route type=route
relation Marked route for horse riders. Hawick Circular Riding Route - geograph.org.uk - 592357.jpg
Stable building=stable
if the whole building is used as a stable

if only a part of the building is used as a stable
nodearea A stable is a building in which horses are kept. It most commonly means a building that is divided into separate stalls for individual animals. If the whole building is used as a stable, use the tag building=stable. Otherwise, if only part of the building is used, map this part separately and only apply the tag building:use=stable. Häststall Elfviks gård dec 2008.jpg
Tack shop shop=sports
node A shop where you can buy riding equipment for rider, horse and stable ( Tack shop). Sklep jeździecki.jpg
Trail riding station tourism=trail_riding_station
if only used as trail riding station


nodearea A station that offers temporary accomodation for guest horses and usually also for riders. Willow Prairie Horse Camp, Rogue River NF, Oregon.jpg
Veterinary for horses amenity=veterinary
nodearea A place where a veterinary treats horses. The size of the facility can be specified as veterinary=practice, veterinary=clinic or veterinary=hospital. LAKa1712Tierarzt.JPG
Watering place amenity=watering_place node A place where water is contained and animals can drink. Drinking Water For Humans and Animals.jpg

Other useful features

The following features are not directly related to riding but usually also useful when mapping related features:

  • surface=* can be used to specify the surface of ways.
  • smoothness=* specifies the smoothness of the surface of a way, i.e. how even the way is
  • incline=* marks the steepness/slope of a way
  • barrier=* is used to map all kinds of barriers
  • width=* specifies the width of a way
  • trail_visibility=* is used to give a rough estimation how visible a trail is on the ground
  • hazard=* marks a potential source of damage to health, life, property, or any other interest of value

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