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A building that was built as a riding hall or indoor arena Edit this description in the wiki page. Edit this description in the data item.
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A [W] riding hall, indoor arena, indoor school (UK English), or indoor ring (US English), is a building that was specially designed for indoor horse riding.

The tag can also be used for [W] lungeing halls.

How to map

Place a node node in the centre of the building or draw an area area along its outline.

Tag it with building=riding_hall.

Use as a riding hall

building=riding_hall only describes the type of the building and not if it is really used for indoor horse riding. A building that was built as riding hall may later be used for something else, and buildings of other types may also be used for indoor horse riding.

If a building is actually used as a riding hall add leisure=sports_hall + sport=equestrian [1]

The area used for riding inside of the hall (often smaller than the whole building) can (optionally) be mapped as a separate object (node node or area area) with leisure=pitch + sport=equestrian + indoor=yes. It is discouraged to combine building=* with leisure=pitch, compare indoor pitches.


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Interior views

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  1. This was the outcome of the this tagging mailing list discussion.