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體育館的籃球場 - panoramio.jpg
A building that is used as a sports hall Edit or translate this description.
Group: Leisure
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leisure=sports_hall is a tag for a facility used as a sports hall. A sports hall is a sufficiently large single room, typically enclosed with walls and ceiling, that is suitable to exercise one or more sports indoor. It might contain subordinated locker/changing rooms, showers, and a depot room for devices. It can be a standalone building, or part of a larger building.

The tag can be used for all kinds of sports halls where no more specialised tag is appropriate (e.g. leisure=bowling_alley, leisure=ice_rink or leisure=fitness_centre), see examples below.

A sports hall can often be found on a campus of a school, as part of a school building, or in a sports centre.

As explained on the wiki page for sports centres, a sports hall that is part of a sports centre (e.g. a tennis hall of a tennis centre) should not be tagged as a sports centre itself (avoid nested sports centres) but can be tagged with leisure=sports_hall.

In some parts of the world, such sports facilities are called gym or gymnasium, however these values are discouraged in OSM since they have a multitude of different meanings.


Use leisure=sports_hall to describe that a building (building=*) or a part of a building (building:part=*) is used as a sports hall. If the outline of the sports hall is not known, place a node with that tag at the centre of it.

The type of the building containing the sports hall should be specified as detailed as possible. E.g. when built as a sports hall, use building=sports_hall, while a converted factory hall would get building=industrial.

Use the sport=* tag to describe the kind(s) of sport(s) the sports hall is equipped for.


Use as Tagging Photo
Typical sports halls fur multiple kinds of sports
Sports hall
of a university
building=* (eg. sports_hall)
Multi-purpose Sports Hall, SIM University, Singapore - 20150905-02.jpg
Sports hall
of a school
Gymnasium, Dostuk Secondary School.JPG
Sports hall
of a club
Double Club Sports Hall 2017.jpg
Specialized sports halls of other types
Tennis hall
building=* (eg. sports_hall)
Tennis hall - panoramio.jpg
Swimming hall
building=*, eg. sports_hall
Vágur Swimming Hall, Faroe Islands.JPG
Riding hall
building=*, eg. riding_hall
Manège École polytechnique.jpg

Sports halls of a sports centre

in separate buildings

area Sportzentrum Ösch, DE

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within a larger building

area Skærbæk Fritidscenter, DK

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