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體育館的籃球場 - panoramio.jpg
A building that is used as a sports hall or gymnasium Edit or translate this description.
Group: Leisure
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leisure=sports_hall is a tag for a facility used as a sports hall or Gymnasium. A sports hall is a sufficiently large single room, typically enclosed with walls and ceiling, that is suitable to exercise one or more sports indoor. Usually it has a firm, smooth surface such as hardwood which can be used as a court for playing a number of sports and fitness activities, but this tag has also been used for other kinds of buildings or large rooms including tennis halls and swimming halls. It might also contain subordinated locker/changing rooms, showers, and a depot room for devices. It can be a standalone building, or part of a larger building.

The tag can be used for kinds of sports halls where no more specialised tag is appropriate (see also leisure=bowling_alley, leisure=ice_rink, leisure=fitness_centre).

A sports hall can often be found on a campus of a amenity=school, as part of a school building, or in a leisure=sports_centre.

As explained on the wiki page for leisure=sports_centre, a sports hall that is part of a sports centre (e.g. a tennis hall of a tennis centre) should not be tagged as a sports centre itself (avoid nested sports centres) but can be tagged with leisure=sports_hall.

In some parts of the world, such sports facilities are called gym or gymnasium, however this word has several different meanings, including an enclosed leisure=pitch, or a leisure=fitness_centre.


Use leisure=sports_hall to describe that a building (building=*) or a part of a building (building:part=*) is used as a sports hall. If the outline of the sports hall is not known, place a node with that tag at the centre of it.

The type of the building containing the sports hall should be specified as detailed as possible. E.g. when built as a sports hall, use building=sports_hall, while a converted factory hall would get building=industrial.

Use the sport=* tag to describe the kind(s) of sport(s) the sports hall is equipped for.

If there are playing courts within the sports hall, these may be mapped as separate areas with leisure=pitch


Since September 2020 there is a "Gymnasium" preset of iD-Editor implemented [1]. Tags building=yes & leisure=sports_hall will be added.


Use as Tagging Photo
Sports hall
of a university
building=* or building:part=* (eg. sports_hall)
Multi-purpose Sports Hall, SIM University, Singapore - 20150905-02.jpg
Sports hall
of a school
Gymnasium, Dostuk Secondary School.JPG
Sports hall
of a club
Double Club Sports Hall 2017.jpg
Tennis hall
building=* (eg. sports_hall) or building:part=*
Tennis hall - panoramio.jpg
Swimming hall
building=*, eg. sports_hall or building:part=*
Vágur Swimming Hall, Faroe Islands.JPG

Sports halls of a sports centre

in separate buildings

area Sportzentrum Ösch, DE

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within a larger building

area Skærbæk Fritidscenter, DK

Skærbæk Fritidscenter in iD using OSM carto.png (in iD with OSM carto)

Tags to use in combination

  • building=* - To mark the outline of a building, a man-made structure with a roof, standing more or less permanently in one place.
  • building:part=* - To mark a part of a building, which has attributes, different from such ones at other parts
  • sport=* - For categorising any specific sport

Related tags

  • leisure=sports_centre - A sports centre is a distinct facility where sports take place within an enclosed area.
  • leisure=bowling_alley - A facility that is equipped to play the game of bowling.
  • leisure=ice_rink - A place where you can skate and play bandy or ice hockey.
  • leisure=fitness_centre - Fitness centre, health club or gym with exercise machines, fitness classes or both, for exercise.
  • leisure=pitch - An area designed for practising a particular sport, normally designated with appropriate markings.
  • indoor=* - Key used with the Simple Indoor Tagging scheme.
  • building=sports_centre - A building that was built as a sports centre
  • building=sports_hall - A building that was built as a sports hall
  • building=riding_hall - A building that was built as a riding hall
  • building=industrial - Often previous industrial buildings are used as sports hall, they preserve the value describing the original building type