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Group: Sports
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Tennis is a sport in which two or four players hit a ball back and forth using a tennis racket. The game takes place on a tennis court. It is a firm rectangular surface with a low net stretched across the center. The same court can be used to play both doubles and singles.

How to Map


Draw a closed area around the tennis court or just add a node at the centre.

Always add both the sport=tennis tag and one of the leisure tags shown below.

Tagging scheme for sport=tennis
Tag Notes
sport=tennis Indicates this is a tennis court.
leisure=pitch Outdoor court with few or no seatings on the sides.
leisure=stadium The tennis court is inside a stadium (partly or completely surrounded by a structure designed to allow spectators to stand or sit and view the game).

Where several tennis courts are arranged side-by-side you can draw an area around the whole thing as a shortcut (please use quantity=*), or (as an enhanced level of detail) map the area of each court individually.

Other tags to use in combination

name=* - If the tennis court has a name (e.g. 'court central' at Roland Garros).
surface=* - To indicate the surface type. (e.g. grass / clay / asphalt)
access=private - For private tennis courts.
barrier=fence - You might use this tag sharing the same way, or draw a separate way showing where the fence goes


Roland Garros has several tennis courts. The main court (Court Philippe-Chatrier) is a stadium.

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Common Tagging Mistakes

If you know places with this tag, verify if it could be tagged with another tag.
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