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Public-images-osm logo.svg building = sports_hall
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A building that was built as a sports hall Edit or translate this description.
Group: Buildings
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A sports hall is a type of a building that is designed for sports, e.g. for school sports, university or club sports. Typical sports halls often have a part with a roof in normal height, where the changing and washing rooms are located, and a part with a high roof, for ball sports and gymnastics.

leisure=sports_hall is used for objects used as sport halls, while building=sports_hall is a building constructed as a sports hall. For example objects constructed as sports hall and unused or used as warehouse, would be still building=sports_hall.

Sports halls can often be found on the terrain of schools or sports centres.

How to map

Set a node node at the center of the feature or draw an area area along its outline. Tag it with building=sports_hall.

To describe that it is actually used as a sports hall, add leisure=sports_hall.

To describe the kind(s) of sport(s) the sports hall is equipped for use the sport=* tag.

See also

  • building=sports_centre is a very similar tag, however likely intended for larger facilities with multiple indoor "halls"/rooms - there appear to be no other differentiators between the two, so proceed with caution or check how other similar facilities are mapped in the area.
  • building=sport is extremely generic and may cover anything from stadiums through aerialway buildings on ski slopes to sports centres.
  • building=riding_hall is for a building that is especially designed for indoor horse riding.
  • leisure=sports_centre and leisure=sports_hall do not describe the type but the usage of a building.