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Public-images-osm logo.svg amenity = hitching_post
Eidsvold Alice Maslen's Hitching Rail.JPG
A post or rail for tethering a horse. Show/edit corresponding data item.
Group: amenities
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A hitching post or hitching rail is a piece of street furniture for tethering a horse. It may look like a short pole or a handrail or something more ornate. It can be thought of as a counterpart to amenity=bicycle_parking but for horses.

Where to find

Hitching posts are installed along the street or outside shops, especially in towns where horseback riding or horse-drawn carriages are common. For example, in areas with many Amish residents, every parking lot has a hitching post. In some cities, horse-drawn carriages are a popular tourist activity, so hitching posts are available at intervals along the street.

An area tagged as tourism=trail_riding_rest may have one or more hitching rails as well.

How to map

Add a node at the location of the hitching post. Alternatively, if it is a rail, draw a way from one end of the rail to the other.

If the hitching post has a name that isn't merely a description, use the name=* key. If the hitching post is for a shop's customers only, use the access=customers tag.


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