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Details of a veterinary
Status: Proposed (under way)
Proposed by: imagic
Tagging: veterinary=practice/clinic/hospital
Applies to: nodearea
Definition: Details of a veterinary, like the size and what animals are treated
Drafted on: 2012-09-17
RFC start: 2012-09-17

This proposal introduces two new keys to provide more details about a veterinaries office.


All following tags should be used in conjunction with the existing tag amenity=veterinary.

Size of the office

The key veterinary=* specifies the size of the office. The possible values are:

Value Description
practice A small veterinary practice where usually only one veterinary is present. Surgery might not be possible.
clinic A clinic with additional staff compared to a practice. A few veterinaries are present. Surgery usually possible.
hospital A large facility with many veterinaries. Surgery possible.

What kind of animals are treated

If necessary the key veterinary:treats:<animal>=* can be used to specify if a certain kind of animal is treated by the veterinary or not. The term animal within the key is therefore replaced by the name of the animal (singular, english). The value can be either yes, no or only. The value only is used if only the given animals are treated.


Tags Description
A small veterinary practice.
A vet-clinic that only treats horses.
A large facility that - among others - treats wild animals.


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