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2020-06-05 Freemap Slovakia - digitálna mapa Slovenska.jpg is an OSM-based web application developed by *Martin* from OSM Slovakia local chapter - Freemap Slovakia.


  • provides several map layers, with the most popular being the outdoor map layer. The layer includes trails marked for hiking, cycling, skiing, an horse riding and currently covers central Europe, most of the Balkan states and Italy. The layer supports high resolution retina displays.
  • persistent annotations that include points, lines and polygons
  • measurement of elevation, distance, area
  • route finder - modes for hiking, bicycle, car, skiing, stroller, wheelchair and other; includes modes:
    • ordered,
    • visiting places,
    • roundtrip;
    • alternatives
  • nominatim-based text search
  • searching by Point Of Interest type
  • user-proided photos (currently ~ 240k photos, mostly in Slovakia)
  • GPX track viewer
  • live tracking using various client apps, including OSMand, or Traccar
  • export of drawn objects to GPX
  • export of a selected section of the outdoor map layer to SVG, PDF, PNG, JPG
  • an wizard for generating code allowing to embed the freemap maps into own web site
  • maps layers for Garmin, Locus, ...
  • other features

Freemap tiles

Freemap Slovakia produces several sets of map tiles, suitable for your mapping projects. The tile sets are free, but please let us know before using them, especially if your project has or is expected to be popular. We have facilities allowing us to replicate our tile sets to your server, which would save us resources.

  • The Outdoor layer tiles - the layer showing hiking, cycle, cross-country skiing and other types of marked trails
  • The SGKU-based ortophoto tiles
  • The SGKU-based LIDAR terrain tiles
  • The legacy hiking map tiles
  • The legacy bicycle map tiles
  • The legacy skiing map tiles
  • The legacy car map tiles