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Public-images-osm logo.svg man_made = bunker_silo
Empty bunker silo in Nebraska.jpg
An open-sided structure without a roof that can be used with vehicles to fill and empty them Show/edit corresponding data item.
Group: man made
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 Bunker silos are unroofed structures with at least one open side, which can be used with vehicles like a loader or tractor to fill and empty them. Bunker silos are common in agriculture for  silage. They can be used for all kind of goods, which can be handled with a loader or tractor. Other usage are for sand, pebbles, gravel, other landscaping materials, manure, mulch, and the like.

How to map

Draw the outline and add


  • (Silage-)Heaps, which have been simply heaped on a lawn, should not be mapped as man_made=bunker_silo, because these exist only for some months.
  • Military bunkers or silos should be tagged with military=bunker instead.
  • Three-walled racquetball courts may look similar in aerial imagery but should be tagged leisure=pitch sport=racquet instead.


See also

  • man_made=silo - A storage container for bulk material, often grains such as corn or wheat
  • military=bunker - A building reinforced to withstand attack