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Münster, Boote am Aasee -- 2016 -- 2375.jpg
A place where you can rent a boat Edit this description in the wiki page. Edit this description in the data item.
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Group: Leisure
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A boat rental is a place, house or area where you can rent a boat. There are a lot of boat_rentals worldwide, mostly in holiday destinations. There exist, for example, rentals for pedalboats, jetskis, rowing boats, motorboats...

How to map

  • Add a node node tagged amenity=boat_rental in the center of the rental-destination (pier, house).
  • If there is just an area (e.g., an area marked with buoys for pedalboat on a lake), which is not allowed to leave, it should tagged as an area area as amenity=boat_rental.

Additional attributes

Tag Description Photo Taginfo
name=* The name of the station from the boat_rental.
capacity=* (optional) How many boats?
operator=* (optional) Name of the operating company.
addr:*=* (optional) Address.
motorboat_rental=yes/no (optional) If motorboats are for rent.
houseboat_rental=yes/no (optional) If houseboats are for rent.
Modernes Hausboot.jpg
pedalboat_rental=yes/no (optional) If pedalboats are for rent.
Tretboot Modell Schwan.jpg
jetski_rental=yes/no (optional) If jetskis are for rent. Also see shop=jetski
Jetski (14709345324).jpg
sailboat_rental=yes/no (optional) If sailing boats are for rent.
Segelboot Starnberger See.jpg
dinghy_rental=yes/no (optional) If rowing boats are for rent.
Rowboat with oars.jpg
kayak_rental=yes/no (optional) If kayaks are for rent.
Wda Kajak 2005 Szumyk.jpg
canoe_rental=yes/no (optional) If canoes are for rent.
Canoe boat ride for tourists..JPG
standup_paddleboard_rental=yes/no (optional) If stand up paddle boards are for rent.
Lake Annecy (15279372385).jpg

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