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The term 'football' is both ambiguous and contentious and shouldn't be used to describe any particular sport, this page is a place marker for all types of sports collectively referred to as 'football'.

Different 'football' codes tend to play on different size and shaped fields, Australian Football unlike (all?) other football codes is played on an oval field 150m long by 135m wide. American Football is played on a field 100 yards long, Canadian Football while similar is played on a field 110 yards long. Both codes of Rugby use a rectangular field, but Rugby League has a field 68m wide and 112-122m long, while Rugby Union uses a field 70m wide and up to 144m long.

Note: As both Rugby League and Rugby Union can use the same pitch use sport=rugby unless you know that the pitch is restricted ... then you can still use sport=rugby with an additional tag set as rugby=union or rugby=league as appropriate. Or you could use sport=rugby_league or sport=rugby_union though this was added by a single user!