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a stick and ball game played from a 'tee' to a hole. Edit this description in the wiki page. Edit this description in the data item.
Group: Sports
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Status: de facto

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Similar pages for structural reference: Tag:railway=tram, Tag:waterway=dock.

This tag describes that things are related to golfing (golf sport). It can be added to clubs, shops, hotels, facilities, etc.

Where not to use

The tag sport=golf is implied for leisure=golf_course and also for the individual elements like tee, hole, fairway, green, pin etc. sport=golf should not be used.

Places where you can play  golf should be tagged leisure=golf_course, but many features within golf courses (such as greens, bunkers, tees, etc) can be tagged golf=*. See Tag:leisure=golf_course#Details_within_a_golf_course for details.

See also shop=sport