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Used to tag an area as "Adventure Park", "Ropes Courses", "Climbing Adventure", "Zip-line", or "Treetop Adventure", where people climb, walk or otherwise move on prebuilt wires and other objects. Edit or translate this description.
Group: Sports
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The tag sport=climbing_adventure is used to mark an area as an "Adventure Park", "Ropes Courses", "Climbing Adventure", "Zip-line", or "Treetop Adventure", sport where people get mountain hiking accessories and try to climb, walk or otherwise move on prebuilt wires and other objects high above on the trees using continuous safety measures. These are usually open for everyone including kids and do not require special abilities apart from good physical condition.

How to Map

This value can be used with the sport tag on nodes node, areas area or relations relation.

This tag is only specifies the sport used on a physical area; the area itself should be defined by using landuse=recreation_ground or as a part of a larger leisure=sports_centre.

Detailed mapping of features

Some objects can be mapped by the means of other proposals:

Useful Combination

Since this is a non-physical tag it should always be combined with some other (physical) tags, e.g.: landuse=recreation_ground


Via ferratas and climbing routes are rendered by specialised maps, for example OpenAndroMaps

There is no specific rendering apart from the physical object the sport is played on.

Pictogram Example

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Photo Examples

See Also

  • sport=climbing - Marks elements to represent natural climbing sites (climbing areas, sectors, crags, halls, frozen waterfalls, etc.) or artificial climbs (climbing walls, indoor climbing etc.)
  • name=* - If it has a name


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