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Public-images-osm logo.svg sport = scuba_diving
To mark a physical object as for scuba diving Show/edit corresponding data item.
Group: sports
Used on these elements
may be used on nodesmay be used on waysmay be used on areas (and multipolygon relations)should not be used on relations (except multipolygon relations)
Useful combination
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amenity=dive_centre shop=scuba_diving club=scuba_diving

Status: approvedPage for proposal

sport=scuba_diving is used to mark a place related to scuba diving. It should always be combined with a physical feature. For a dive centre this physical feature is amenity=dive_centre while a shop that sells scuba related equipment is tagged using shop=scuba_diving. Scuba diving clubs are tagged using club=scuba_diving.

Dive spots are tagged using a physical feature together with sport=scuba_diving + scuba_diving:divespot=yes.

How to map

Dive clubs

See Tag:club=scuba diving

Dive shops

See Tag:shop=scuba diving

Dive centre

See Tag:amenity=dive centre

Dive spots

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This article or section contains questionable, contentious or controversial information. See the talk page for more information.

Features with sport=scuba_diving should also contain a physical tag which is the reason dive spots in small water bodies are often tagged on the body itself (e.g. natural=water). In bigger water bodies, a POI such as natural=reef, natural=cave_entrance, historic=wreck, ... is used if such a feature exists, otherwise leisure=pitch is sometimes added [1]. Indoor dive spots can be tagged on the corresponding leisure=swimming_pool or leisure=sports_centre.

Required tags
Tag Description Count
Physical feature Such as natural=beach, natural=cave_entrance, historic=wreck, leisure=pitch, ...
+ sport=scuba_diving This object is related to scuba_diving
+ scuba_diving:divespot=yes This is a divespot
+ name=* Name of the divespot (This is what you write into your logbook not the lake/sea it is in).
Other recommended or potentially useful tags
Tag Description Count
ref=* Reference code if this dive spot is part of an official numbering system
scuba_diving:depth=* Typical depth divers normally go (i.e. depth of an attraction, wreck, ...)
scuba_diving:maxdepth=* Maximum depth for this place
scuba_diving:altitude=* Water surface altitude in meters above sea level. This is useful for dive spots in the mountains since decompression is influenced by the air pressure at the surface (which is related to altitude).
scuba_diving:entry=boat Entry only possible by boat
scuba_diving:entry=shore Entry directly via shore
scuba_diving:entry=pier Entry via pier/jetty
scuba_diving:entry=ladder Entry via a ladder
scuba_diving:hazard=surfers Hazard due to surfers on the surface
scuba_diving:hazard=fairway Hazard due to a fairway at the surface
scuba_diving:hazard=harpooning Hazard due to spearfishing activities
scuba_diving:hazard=net Hazard due to lose fishing nets
scuba_diving:hazard=rockfall Hazard due to falling rocks (often in old quarries)
scuba_diving:drift=yes A dive spot suitable for drift diving
scuba_diving:ice=* A dive spot suitable for ice diving (use yes or see Date specification)

Tag cleanup


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If you are a scubadiver, you could add {{UserScubadiver}} to your user page and be listed on Category:Scubadiver.

Rendering on OpenSeaMap

Scuba diving navy.svg

OpenSeaMap is rendering scuba-diving-spots, but is currently not working properly as of 19th of March 2017.
Select "Sport layer"
sport=scuba_diving is rendered in z=14..18

Example in the Chart

For a transition time also "sport=diving" is rendered. Please search this deprecated tag and replace it by sport=scuba_diving.
220 old "diving" need to be replaced (29.1.2014)
18 old "diving" need to be checked and replaced (11.10.2014)

In the meantime, a new chart is under development, that you can use to verify scuba-diving-spots, http://aaxee.github.io/online_chart_ol3/. You can see an example dive site from Mimpang, Bali: http://aaxee.github.io/online_chart_ol3/#/?lat=-8.5262&lon=115.5762&zoom=18&layers=C10010010000&lang=en


Based on approved Proposed_features/scuba_diving2, DE:Switzerland/DiveSpots and earlier proposals.

JOSM presets

  • Original file copied from user User:Role74 and modified. Just save the text below in a file and load it as a preset in Josm.
<annotations author="Role74, Tric" version="0.10" shortdescription="Tauchplatz properties" de.shortdescription="Eigenschaften Tauchplatz" description="dive sites" de.description="Eigenschafen Tauchplätze" website="https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Proposed_features/scuba_diving">

<group name="Diving" icon="https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/w/images/a/a0/Diver-down-flag.png">

<item name="Tauchplatz" icon="presets/scuba_diving.png">
    <label text="Divesite" de.text="Tauchplatz" />  
    <key key="sport" value="scuba_diving" />
    <text key="name" text="Name" default="" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <text key="alt_name" text="Alt. Name" default="" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <combo key="scuba_diving:difficulty" text="Level" de.text="Schwierigkeit" values="1,2,3" default="" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <text key="scuba_diving:depth" text="Depth" de.text="Typische Tiefe. Mehrere Werte mit ';' trennen" default="" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <text key="scuba_diving:maxdepth" text="Max. Depth" de.text="Maximaltiefe" default="" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <text key="scuba_diving:platform" text="Platform (m)" default="" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <combo key="scuba_diving:access_easyness" text="easy to find the spot" de.text="TP einfach zu finden? 1=einfach 3=schwierig" values="1,2,3" default="" delete_if_empty="true" />

  <label text="Type of this dive site" de.text="Art des Tauchplatzes"/>

    <check key="scuba_diving:type:training" text="training     " text.de="Training					  "    default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <check key="scuba_diving:type:wreck" text="wreck        " text.de="Wracks  					  "    default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <check key="scuba_diving:type:wall" text="wall         " text.de="Steilwände					   "	default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <check key="scuba_diving:type:archaeology" text="archaeology  " text.de="Archeologie					  "    default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <check key="scuba_diving:type:biology" text="biology      " text.de="Biologie					  "    default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <check key="scuba_diving:type:attraction" text="attraction   " text.de="Künstliche (versenkte Sachen/Attraktionen)	   "	default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <check key="scuba_diving:type:ice" text="ice          " text.de="Tauchplatz für Eistauchgänge  		    "	 default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <check key="scuba_diving:type:river" text="river        " text.de="Fluss Tauchgang 				  "    default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <check key="scuba_diving:type:high" text="high         " text.de="Hoch (Bergsee)  				  "    default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <check key="scuba_diving:type:rocks" text="rocks        " text.de="Felsen/Steinquader				  "    default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <check key="scuba_diving:type:reef" text="reef         " text.de="Riffe / Korallen				  "    default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <check key="scuba_diving:type:cavern" text="cavern       " text.de="Kavernen					  "    default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <check key="scuba_diving:type:cave" text="cave         " text.de="Höhlentauchgang				   "	default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <check key="scuba_diving:type:ooze" text="ooze         " text.de="Schlick 					  "    default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <check key="scuba_diving:type:sand" text="sand         " text.de="Sand						  "    default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <check key="scuba_diving:type:gravel" text="gravel       " text.de="Kies						  "    default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <check key="scuba_diving:type:scrap" text="scrap        " text.de="Schrott 					  "    default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <check key="scuba_diving:type:boat" text="boat         " text.de="Bootstauchgang, Kein Landeinstieg möglich/sinnvoll"	default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <check key="scuba_diving:type:drift" text="drift        " text.de="Strömungstauchgang				   "	default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <check key="scuba_diving:type:cold" text="cold         " text.de="Kaltwassertauchgang				  "    default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <check key="scuba_diving:type:lagoon" text="lagoon       " text.de="Lagune  					  "    default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <check key="scuba_diving:type:sharks" text="sharks       " text.de="Hai						  "    default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <check key="scuba_diving:type:bigfish" text="bigfish      " text.de="grosse Fische					  "    default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <check key="scuba_diving:type:ambiance" text="ambiance     " text.de="Schöne Umgebung				   "	default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <check key="scuba_diving:type:pool" text="pool         " text.de="Tauchgang im Schwimmbad 			  "    default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <check key="scuba_diving:type:night" text="night        " text.de="typischer Platz für einen Nachttauchgang.	   "	default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <check key="scuba_diving:type:children" text="children     " text.de="speziell für Kinder geeignet			   "	default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <check key="scuba_diving:type:apnoe" text="apnoe        " text.de="Snorkeling / free diving			  "    default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <check key="scuba_diving:type:intro" text="intro        " text.de="Introduction dive / first dive  		  "    default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <check key="scuba_diving:type:speleology" text="speleology   " text.de="Höhlen Tauchgang				   "	default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <check key="scuba_diving:type:orientation" text="orientation  " text.de="speziell geeignet für Orientierungstauchgänge     "	 default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <check key="scuba_diving:type:photography" text="photography  " text.de="Vor allem für Photographieren geeignet 	   "	default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <check key="scuba_diving:type:handicap" text="handicap     " text.de="Für Tauchen mit Behinderten speziell geeignet.    "	default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />

<label text="Entry" de.text="Einstieg"/>

    <check key="scuba_diving:entry:boat" text="boat" text.de="Bootstauchgang							"    default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <check key="scuba_diving:entry:shore" text="shore" text.de="Einstieg am Ufer  						"    default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <check key="scuba_diving:entry:stair" text="stair" text.de="Einstieg über Treppe						 "    default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <check key="scuba_diving:entry:ladder" text="ladder" text.de="Einstieg über eine Leiter					 "    default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <check key="scuba_diving:entry:steps" text="steps" text.de="Einstieg über Stufen						 "    default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <check key="scuba_diving:entry:stone" text="stone" text.de="Einstieg über grössere Steine					  "    default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <check key="scuba_diving:entry:steep" text="steep" text.de="Einstieg ist sehr steil (eventuell muss ein Seil verwendet werden)"    default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />

  <label text="Dangers" de.text="Gefahren"/>

    <check key="scuba_diving:dangers:ship" text="ship" text.de="Schiffe						   "	default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <check key="scuba_diving:dangers:net" text="net" text.de="Fischernetze					   "	default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <check key="scuba_diving:dangers:current" text="current" text.de="Strömung 					    "	 default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <check key="scuba_diving:dangers:depth" text="depth" text.de="tief (Bsp. Steilwände)				    "	 default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <check key="scuba_diving:dangers:stones" text="stones" text.de="Steinschlag					   "	default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <check key="scuba_diving:dangers:surfers" text="surfers" text.de="Surfer						   "	default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <check key="scuba_diving:dangers:obstacles" text="obstacles" text.de="Hindernisse (z.Bsp. Piers, Leitungen im Wasser, etc.)"	default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <check key="scuba_diving:dangers:explosives" text="explosives" text.de="Dangerous goods					   "	default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <check key="scuba_diving:dangers:harpooning" text="harpooning" text.de="Dangerous divers / fishers			   "	default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <check key="scuba_diving:dangers:dangerous_species" text="dangerous_species" text.de="Gefährliche Kreaturen (Quallen, Fische, ...)	    "	 default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />

    <space />
    <check key="scuba_diving:descent_line" text="Descent line" de.text="Abstiegsseil" default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />

<item name="Tauchshop" icon="presets/scuba_shop.png">
    <label text="Diveshop" de.text="Tauchshop" />
    <key key="amenity" value="dive_center" />
    <text key="name" text="Name" default="" delete_if_empty="true" />
        <text key="opening_hours" text="Opening hours" de.text="äffnungszeiten" default=""  delete_if_empty="true" />
    	<text key="contact:website" text="Website" default=""  delete_if_empty="true" />
    	<combo key="scuba_diving:organization" text="Organization" values="PADI,CMAS,SSI,NAUI,TDI,IANTD,ANDI,PATD" default="" delete_if_empty="true" />
    	<check key="scuba_diving:education" text="Education" de.text="Ausbildung" default="on" delete_if_empty="true" />
      <combo key="scuba_diving:spoken_languages" text="Languages" de.text="Sprachen" values="DE,FR,EN,IT" default="" delete_if_empty="true" />
    	<check key="scuba_diving:rental" text="Rental" de.text="Leihmaterial" default="on" delete_if_empty="true" />
    	<check key="scuba_diving:equipment_service" text="Equipment service" de.text="Ausrüstungsservice" default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
    	<check key="scuba_diving:air_fill" text="Air fills" de.text="Füllstation" default="on" delete_if_empty="true" />
    	<check key="scuba_diving:nitrox" text="Nitrox" default="on" delete_if_empty="true" />
    	<check key="scuba_diving:trimix" text="Trimix" default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
    	<check key="scuba_diving:300bar" text="300 bar" default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
        <combo key="scuba_diving:payment" text="Payment" de.text="Zahlart" values="Coin,Key,Luftverbund,InShopOnly" default="" delete_if_empty="true" />


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