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Public-images-osm logo.svg sport = scuba_diving
To mark a spot for scuba diving Edit
Group: Sports
Used on these elements
may be used on nodesmay be used on waysmay be used on areasmay be used on relations
Useful combination
See also

amenity=dive_centre shop=scuba_diving club=scuba_diving

Status: proposed


Should be used to mark a place for scuba diving, preferably as an attribute of natural=beach, natural=stone natural=cliff or a fitting segment of a coastline or lake.

To distinguish between a dive spot and other scuba_diving related things you can add the tag scuba_diving:divespot=yes (yes or a description of the type of spot, see bellow)

For dive bases or dive shops see: amenity=dive_centre or shop=scuba_diving

For scuba diving clubs club=scuba_diving can be used.

How to map

Applies to nodes, ways, areas and relations

Tag Description
sport=scuba_diving Divespot
+ name=* Name of the divespot (This is what you write into your logbook)
Please name=* tag only the name, not the lake/sea it is in).
+ scuba_diving:type:*=* yes What kind of a diving place it is
 training          -> Training
 wreck             -> Wracks
 wall              -> Steilwände
 archaeology       -> Archäologie
 biology           -> Biologie
 attraction        -> Künstliche (versenkte Sachen/Attraktionen)
 ice               -> Tauchplatz für Eistauchgänge
 river             -> Fluss Tauchgang
 high              -> Hoch (Bergsee)
 rocks             -> Felsen/Steinquader
 reef              -> Riffe / Korallen
 cavern            -> Kavernen
 cave              -> Höhlentauchgang
 ooze              -> Schlick
 sand              -> Sand
 gravel            -> Kies
 scrap             -> Schrott
 boat              -> Bootstauchgang, Kein Landeinstieg möglich/sinnvoll
 drift             -> Strömungstauchgang
 cold              -> Kaltwassertauchgang
 lagoon            -> Lagune
 sharks            -> Hai
 bigfish           -> grosse Fische
 ambiance          -> Schöne Umgebung
 pool              -> Tauchgang im Schwimmbad
 night             -> typischer Platz für einen Nachttauchgang.
 children          -> speziell für Kinder geeignet
 apnoe             -> Free diving (note: isn't really scuba!)
 snorkeling        -> Snorkeling (note: isn't really scuba!)
 intro             -> Introduction dive / first dive
 speleology        -> Höhlen Tauchgang
 orientation       -> speziell geeignet für Orientierungstauchgänge
 photography       -> Vor allem für Photographieren geeignet
 handicap          -> Für Tauchen mit Behinderten speziell geeignet.

+ scuba_diving:dangers:=* yes Dangers of a divespot
 ship              -> Schiffe
 net               -> Fischernetze
 current           -> Strömung
 depth             -> tief (Bsp. Steilwände)
 stones            -> Steinschlag
 surfers           -> Surfer
 obstacles         -> Hindernisse (z.Bsp. Piers, Leitungen im Wasser, etc.)
 explosives        -> Dangerous goods
 harpooning        -> Dangerous divers / fishers
 dangerous_species -> Gefährliche Kreaturen (Quallen, Fische, ...)
+ scuba_diving:access_easyness=* How easy is the place to find. (1 easy, 3 difficult)
+ scuba_diving:difficulty=* Difficulty of the place (1 easy, 3 difficult)
+ scuba_diving:current=* Current (0=none, 1=low, 2=medium, 3=strong)
+ scuba_diving:depth=* typical depth divers normally go (i.e. an attraction, wreck, wall, ...)
+ scuba_diving:maxdepth=* Max depth for this place
+ scuba_diving:entry=* How you can access the entry:
 boat      -> Bootstauchgang
 shore     -> Entry type shore
 stair     -> Entry over a stair
 ladder    -> Entry over a ladder
 steps     -> Entry over steps
 stone     -> Entry over stones
 steep     -> Entry is very steep and it is better to use some utilities like a rope
+ scuba_diving:exit=* =yes To mark an exit for a divespot (only map if different from the entry).

Tag cleanup

Rendering on OpenSeaMap

Scuba diving navy.svg

OpenSeaMap is rendering scuba-diving-spots, but is currently not working properly as of 19th of March 2017.
Select "Sport layer"
sport=scuba_diving is rendered in z=14..18

Example in the Chart

For a transition time also "sport=diving" is rendered. Please search this depreciated tag and replace it by sport=scuba_diving.
220 old "diving" need to be replaced (29.1.2014)
18 old "diving" need to be checked and replaced (11.10.2014)

In the meantime, a new chart is under development, that you can use to verify scuba-diving-spots, http://aaxee.github.io/online_chart_ol3/. You can see an example dive site from Mimpang, Bali: http://aaxee.github.io/online_chart_ol3/#/?lat=-8.5262&lon=115.5762&zoom=18&layers=C10010010000&lang=en


See also

  • List of OSM-Scubadivers: Category:Scubadiver
    If you are a Scubadiver, you could add the Category 'Scubadiver' to your user page.


Based on approved Proposed_features/scuba_diving2 and earlier proposals.

JOSM Presets

  • Original file copied from user User:Role74 and modified. Just save the text below in a file and load it as a preset in Josm.

<annotations author="Role74, Tric" version="0.10" shortdescription="Tauchplatz properties" de.shortdescription="Eigenschaften Tauchplatz" description="dive sites" de.description="Eigenschafen Tauchplätze" website="https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Proposed_features/scuba_diving">

<group name="Diving" icon="https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/w/images/a/a0/Diver-down-flag.png">

<item name="Tauchplatz" icon="presets/scuba_diving.png">
    <label text="Divesite" de.text="Tauchplatz" />  
    <key key="sport" value="scuba_diving" />
    <text key="name" text="Name" default="" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <text key="alt_name" text="Alt. Name" default="" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <combo key="scuba_diving:difficulty" text="Level" de.text="Schwierigkeit" values="1,2,3" default="" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <text key="scuba_diving:depth" text="Depth" de.text="Typische Tiefe. Mehrere Werte mit ';' trennen" default="" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <text key="scuba_diving:maxdepth" text="Max. Depth" de.text="Maximaltiefe" default="" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <text key="scuba_diving:platform" text="Platform (m)" default="" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <combo key="scuba_diving:access_easyness" text="easy to find the spot" de.text="TP einfach zu finden? 1=einfach 3=schwierig" values="1,2,3" default="" delete_if_empty="true" />

  <label text="Type of this dive site" de.text="Art des Tauchplatzes"/>

    <check key="scuba_diving:type:training" text="training     " text.de="Training					  "    default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <check key="scuba_diving:type:wreck" text="wreck        " text.de="Wracks  					  "    default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <check key="scuba_diving:type:wall" text="wall         " text.de="Steilwände					   "	default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <check key="scuba_diving:type:archaeology" text="archaeology  " text.de="Archeologie					  "    default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <check key="scuba_diving:type:biology" text="biology      " text.de="Biologie					  "    default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <check key="scuba_diving:type:attraction" text="attraction   " text.de="Künstliche (versenkte Sachen/Attraktionen)	   "	default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <check key="scuba_diving:type:ice" text="ice          " text.de="Tauchplatz für Eistauchgänge  		    "	 default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <check key="scuba_diving:type:river" text="river        " text.de="Fluss Tauchgang 				  "    default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <check key="scuba_diving:type:high" text="high         " text.de="Hoch (Bergsee)  				  "    default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <check key="scuba_diving:type:rocks" text="rocks        " text.de="Felsen/Steinquader				  "    default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <check key="scuba_diving:type:reef" text="reef         " text.de="Riffe / Korallen				  "    default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <check key="scuba_diving:type:cavern" text="cavern       " text.de="Kavernen					  "    default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <check key="scuba_diving:type:cave" text="cave         " text.de="Höhlentauchgang				   "	default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <check key="scuba_diving:type:ooze" text="ooze         " text.de="Schlick 					  "    default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <check key="scuba_diving:type:sand" text="sand         " text.de="Sand						  "    default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <check key="scuba_diving:type:gravel" text="gravel       " text.de="Kies						  "    default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <check key="scuba_diving:type:scrap" text="scrap        " text.de="Schrott 					  "    default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <check key="scuba_diving:type:boat" text="boat         " text.de="Bootstauchgang, Kein Landeinstieg möglich/sinnvoll"	default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <check key="scuba_diving:type:drift" text="drift        " text.de="Strömungstauchgang				   "	default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <check key="scuba_diving:type:cold" text="cold         " text.de="Kaltwassertauchgang				  "    default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <check key="scuba_diving:type:lagoon" text="lagoon       " text.de="Lagune  					  "    default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <check key="scuba_diving:type:sharks" text="sharks       " text.de="Hai						  "    default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <check key="scuba_diving:type:bigfish" text="bigfish      " text.de="grosse Fische					  "    default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <check key="scuba_diving:type:ambiance" text="ambiance     " text.de="Schöne Umgebung				   "	default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <check key="scuba_diving:type:pool" text="pool         " text.de="Tauchgang im Schwimmbad 			  "    default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <check key="scuba_diving:type:night" text="night        " text.de="typischer Platz für einen Nachttauchgang.	   "	default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <check key="scuba_diving:type:children" text="children     " text.de="speziell für Kinder geeignet			   "	default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <check key="scuba_diving:type:apnoe" text="apnoe        " text.de="Snorkeling / free diving			  "    default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <check key="scuba_diving:type:intro" text="intro        " text.de="Introduction dive / first dive  		  "    default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <check key="scuba_diving:type:speleology" text="speleology   " text.de="Höhlen Tauchgang				   "	default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <check key="scuba_diving:type:orientation" text="orientation  " text.de="speziell geeignet für Orientierungstauchgänge     "	 default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <check key="scuba_diving:type:photography" text="photography  " text.de="Vor allem für Photographieren geeignet 	   "	default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <check key="scuba_diving:type:handicap" text="handicap     " text.de="Für Tauchen mit Behinderten speziell geeignet.    "	default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />

  <label text="Entry" de.text="Einstieg"/>

    <check key="scuba_diving:entry:boat" text="boat" text.de="Bootstauchgang							"    default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <check key="scuba_diving:entry:shore" text="shore" text.de="Einstieg am Ufer  						"    default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <check key="scuba_diving:entry:stair" text="stair" text.de="Einstieg über Treppe						 "    default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <check key="scuba_diving:entry:ladder" text="ladder" text.de="Einstieg über eine Leiter					 "    default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <check key="scuba_diving:entry:steps" text="steps" text.de="Einstieg über Stufen						 "    default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <check key="scuba_diving:entry:stone" text="stone" text.de="Einstieg über grössere Steine					  "    default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <check key="scuba_diving:entry:steep" text="steep" text.de="Einstieg ist sehr steil (eventuell muss ein Seil verwendet werden)"    default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />

  <label text="Dangers" de.text="Gefahren"/>

    <check key="scuba_diving:dangers:ship" text="ship" text.de="Schiffe						   "	default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <check key="scuba_diving:dangers:net" text="net" text.de="Fischernetze					   "	default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <check key="scuba_diving:dangers:current" text="current" text.de="Strömung 					    "	 default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <check key="scuba_diving:dangers:depth" text="depth" text.de="tief (Bsp. Steilwände)				    "	 default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <check key="scuba_diving:dangers:stones" text="stones" text.de="Steinschlag					   "	default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <check key="scuba_diving:dangers:surfers" text="surfers" text.de="Surfer						   "	default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <check key="scuba_diving:dangers:obstacles" text="obstacles" text.de="Hindernisse (z.Bsp. Piers, Leitungen im Wasser, etc.)"	default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <check key="scuba_diving:dangers:explosives" text="explosives" text.de="Dangerous goods					   "	default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <check key="scuba_diving:dangers:harpooning" text="harpooning" text.de="Dangerous divers / fishers			   "	default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
    <check key="scuba_diving:dangers:dangerous_species" text="dangerous_species" text.de="Gefährliche Kreaturen (Quallen, Fische, ...)	    "	 default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />

    <space />
    <check key="scuba_diving:descent_line" text="Descent line" de.text="Abstiegsseil" default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
<item name="Tauchshop" icon="presets/scuba_shop.png">
    <label text="Diveshop" de.text="Tauchshop" />
    <key key="amenity" value="dive_center" />
    <text key="name" text="Name" default="" delete_if_empty="true" />
        <text key="opening_hours" text="Opening hours" de.text="äffnungszeiten" default=""  delete_if_empty="true" />
    	<text key="contact:website" text="Website" default=""  delete_if_empty="true" />
    	<combo key="scuba_diving:organization" text="Organization" values="PADI,CMAS,SSI,NAUI,TDI,IANTD,ANDI,PATD" default="" delete_if_empty="true" />
    	<check key="scuba_diving:education" text="Education" de.text="Ausbildung" default="on" delete_if_empty="true" />
      <combo key="scuba_diving:spoken_languages" text="Languages" de.text="Sprachen" values="DE,FR,EN,IT" default="" delete_if_empty="true" />
    	<check key="scuba_diving:rental" text="Rental" de.text="Leihmaterial" default="on" delete_if_empty="true" />
    	<check key="scuba_diving:equipment_service" text="Equipment service" de.text="Ausrüstungsservice" default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
    	<check key="scuba_diving:air_fill" text="Air fills" de.text="Füllstation" default="on" delete_if_empty="true" />
    	<check key="scuba_diving:nitrox" text="Nitrox" default="on" delete_if_empty="true" />
    	<check key="scuba_diving:trimix" text="Trimix" default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
    	<check key="scuba_diving:300bar" text="300 bar" default="off" delete_if_empty="true" />
        <combo key="scuba_diving:payment" text="Payment" de.text="Zahlart" values="Coin,Key,Luftverbund,InShopOnly" default="" delete_if_empty="true" />


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