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Public-images-osm logo.svg sport = free_flying
Pente ecole parapente.jpg
Provides a way to tag landing and takeoff for free flying aircraft with additional related amenities. Edit or translate this description.
Group: Sports
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Provides a way to tag landing and takeoff for free flying aircraft with additional related amenities.

  • free flying in this context means: Foot launched aircraft, without motorisation.

Examples of such aircraft are:

This tag is only intended for "official" landings and takeoffs (as almost any large enough field could do!).

By official, is meant suitable sites for landings and takeoffs where you will usually find windsocks, information signs, parking, human maintenance and maybe first aid kits.

However, an optional tag might be used to describe an unofficial but suitable and allowed landing or take off.

Applies to

nodes / area / linear

As written there: Key:sport, Since this is a non-physical tag it should be combined with one of these (physical) tags if used on an area: (If it is a node, it is okay to use it alone.)

leisure=piste landuse=grass ...

Tag, Values and Usage

Defining the practice sites

Tag definition Illustration / Example
sport=free_flying This is the main tag for a free flying practice site
free_flying:site=takeoff A free flying takeoff
free_flying:site=landing A free flying landing area/point
free_flying:site=toplanding a suitable place to land on the top of a Mountain.
takeoff on the lower righthandside from the center of the picture. toplanding on the lefthandside from the center of the picture.
free_flying:site=towing A free flying towing takeoff and landing place.
free_flying:site=training A free flying safe place for training (large field with regard to usual takeoff site, without obstacle, low slope ending flat).
Pente ecole parapente.jpg
free_flying:official=yes/no The default is "yes", set it to "no" if the owner of the place has expressly allowed free flying practice, possibly only in an emergency case, but no maintenance or windsocks or parking is expected.
free_flying:paragliding=yes/no This site is suitable and allowed to paragliders. (no if it is either not allowed or not suitable)
both a hangglider (left on picture), and paragliders (right on picture) take off
free_flying:hanggliding=yes/no This site is suitable and allowed to hanggliders. (no if it is either not allowed or not suitable)
both a hangglider (left on picture), and paragliders (right on picture) take off
free_flying:rigid=yes/no This site is suitable and allowed to rigid hanggliders. (no if it is either not allowed or not suitable)
free_flying:site_orientation=N,NE,E,SE,S,SW,W,NW Take off orientation. If multiple orientations are possible, separate them with a semicolon.
free_flying:no-flight-time=dd.mm-dd.mm / no A time in which the take off, the landing or the towing-place is not allowed to use. Use no if the place might be used the whole year.

Eg.: free_flying:no-flight-time=01.04-30.06 free_flying:no-flight-time=no

later addition: maybe better use opening_hours=*
free_flying:guest-guidelines=yes/no Use yes if guests (pilots who don't fly this site often and are not member of the local club) have to take notice of a guest guide. In combination to this Key:website might be useful.
later addition

Other already existing tags that might be useful

  • name=* the name of the takeoff-, landing-, or towing-place e.g.: "Takeoff Kandel"
  • operator=* maintainer's name (In France, Germany, Austria that would be the local Club)
  • ele=* The height above sea level. This is useful to calculate the height difference between takeoff and landing.
  • website=* the operators website or a website with further information.
  • source=* source of Information e.g. DHV data bank of free flying sites. or site operator
  • network=* to record the free flight sport federations (FFVL in France, FIVL in Italy, …)

Defining the free flying related amenities

Tag definition Illustration
free_flying:school=yes A free flying school (paragliding/hanggliding/...)
free_flying:repair=yes A free flying repair shop (paragliding/hanggliding/...)
free_flying:shop=yes A free flying resseller shop. (You can buy paragliders, equipment, harnest, ...)
free_flying:club=yes A free flying club (paragliding/hanggliding/...)
free_flying:tandem=yes A place where you can pay to have a tandem flight with professional pilots


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