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Non-competitive diving is jumping from a cliff or a rock into water. Show/edit corresponding data item.
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[W] Non-competitive diving is jumping from a cliff or a rock into water. Diving is also popular as a non-competitive activity. Such diving usually emphasizes the airborne experience, and the height of the dive, but does not emphasize what goes on once the diver enters the water. The ability to dive underwater can be a useful emergency skill, and is an important part of watersport and navy safety training. Entering water from a height is an enjoyable leisure activity, as is underwater swimming.

Such non-competitive diving can occur indoors and outdoors. Outdoor diving typically takes place from cliffs or other rock formations either into fresh or salt water. However, man-made diving platforms are sometimes constructed in popular swimming destinations. Outdoor diving requires knowledge of the water depth and currents as conditions can be dangerous.

How to Map

This value can be used with the sport tag on nodes node, or relations relation. People jump from high cliffs that range from 5 to 25 meters. There are not many useful spots in the world with vertical cliffs, and deep water. So it will be a good idea to map them.

Useful Combination

Since this is a non-physical tag it should always be combined with some other (physical) tags, eg: natural=cliff


Attention: in tidal waters, at high tide the jump becomes lower and the water is deeper, but at low tide the jump will be higher and the water may be deadly lower.

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