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An official open-space natural place where you can swim Show/edit corresponding data item.
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Group: Leisure
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A swimming area is an officially designated place where you can swim in a body of water such as a reservoir, river, lake, or the sea. It could be marked by signs, buoys or a netted enclosure and/or may be supervised by lifeguards.

How to map

Diagram for tagging swimming areas

Draw the outline area of the water area. Add leisure=swimming_area.

If there is a lifeguard on duty, add either a node for emergency=lifeguard if they are in a fixed location; or, if they are mobile, add lifeguard=yes to the area.

If there are no lifeguards in the area, include lifeguard=no.

Tags used in combination


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See also

  • leisure=beach_resort - a managed beach, including within the boundary any associated facilities. Entry may also require payment of a fee
  • natural=beach - unvegetated strip of sand, shingle or other loose material at the coast or the shore of a lake
  • emergency=lifeguard - a place where a lifeguard is on duty
  • amenity=public_bath - a location where the public may bathe in common
  • leisure=water_park - an amusement park with features like water slides, recreational pools (e.g. wave pools) or lazy rivers
  • leisure=swimming_pool - A swimming pool constructed to hold water for swimming in.