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Public-images-osm logo.svg building = transportation
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A building related to the public transportation. Show/edit corresponding data item.
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building=transportation is used to tag a building directly related to Public Transportation.

A building directly related to Public Transportation is:

  • a building which is regularly accessible to the public, being paying or unpaying customers or visitors of public or private transportation services; and
  • a building which serves as waiting, departure or arrival area for public transportation services, such as a terminal.

Some common convention exceptions to applying the building=transportation tag apply, with building=train_station generally used for passenger carrying railway terminals. The tag building=train_station is only used for heavy rail passenger terminals, and not light rail or tram services.

Further conventional accompanying tags include the use of either:

See Key:public_transport for further information.

In the case of bus shelters or bus stops that have an associated shelter strucutre, these are not tagged with any building=* tag, as they are not buildings.

Bus shelters should be tagged with amenity=shelter+shelter_type=public_transport.

What is public transportation?

Examples of public transportation include:
  • Omnibus (bus) services, including coaches, mini-buses and trolley-buses;
  • Taxi services including other forms of local regular passenger carrying road transport;
  • Ferry services, including regularly scheduled boat and ship services which carry passengers and cable-ferries;
  • Train services such as commuter rail (above-ground or under-ground), and long-distance train services which carry passengers
  • Light-Rail and tram services
  • Monorail or other similar services.
  • Aeroplane (plane) services
  • Helicopter and other air travel services
  • Other services including aerial-way or cable-car services and hovercraft services which regularly carry passengers.

Further guidance on usage

  • This tag should only be used on the outlines of the (above-ground) buildings, and not the underground structures associated with public transportation.
  • Buildings are habitable structures, insofar as a person could occupy the space inside a building and not be in adverse danger.
  • Use of building=yes is discouraged, where a building serves multiple functions, if a clearly discernable building use is identified this should be the building tag.
    • For example a building may include a bus terminal, car parking, offices and shops. If the offices are primarily for the bus terminal, the shops primarily serve the bus terminal passengers and the car parking serves the employees and passengers of the bus terminal then the predominant use is public transportation. If a shopping centre is located on-top-of a bus terminal, and the bus terminal serves the shopping centre by providing it with passengers, then the predominant building use is that of a shopping centre (building=retail) and not public transportation. See Key:building for further information.

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