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Location sells beer from named brewery. Edit or translate this description.
Group: Food and beverages
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The brewery=* tag should be given for restaurants, bars, pubs, and similar features for indicating which breweries' beer they have available.

(An actual brewery is tagged with craft=brewery or man_made=works or landuse=industrial+industrial=brewery.)


The common syntax is: brewery=<name_of_brewery>. (e.g. brewery=Krombacher where draft beer comes from  Krombacher Brauerei ).

If it is selling beer from 2-4 different breweries you can use: brewery=<name_of_brewery>;<name_of_brewery> Sometimes brewery=various has been used, but this does not provide useful information.

Significant usage (35% As of August 2020) is also as a property brewery=yes/no to indicate whether a place has/is a brewery.


If the different special kinds of beer are sold from different breweries, tag like:

brewery:<kind_of_beer>=<name_of_brewery>, brewery:<kind_of_beer>=<name_of_brewery2>

e.g. brewery:weizen=Paulaner, brewery:pils=Jever


A pub which brews beer on site is called a brewpub, and can be considered a kind of microbrewery. Such a pub is tagged with microbrewery=yes.

A brewpub's beer might be sold only for consumption on the premises, or packaged for retail (off sales), or sold elsewhere as well.


A pub focused on craft beers, usually has multiple taps of several beer styles. Such a pub is tagged with real_ale=yes.

Unlike brewpubs, in a taproom doesn't brew on the premises.


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