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Activity related to infrastructure that provides useful energy or fluids to any kind of consumers Edit or translate this description.
Group: Infrastructure
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Utility networks are essential components for human activities both in large cities or in country. They provide useful energy or fluids from production sites to consuming places with according pipes or cables. Utility networks usually covers both transmission and distribution activities and aren't restricted to final custommer feeding.

This key has originally ben intended to qualify some kind of markers we see on ground related to infrastructure (underground gas pipelines, power cables and so on). This could reasonably be used with many other features involved in same activities.

And a list main values for utility=* to indicate to what utility it is about.
It sounds similar to keys like substance=* for pipelines but it's not, for instance both substance=steam and substance=hot_water may be valid for utility=heating. Keep in mind that relates to a particular activity, not a particular substance or power.

List of possible utility=* values
Key Value Comment
utility gas Any infrastructure or facility involved in gas transport or distribution
oil Any infrastructure or facility involved in oil/hydrocarbons transport or distribution
chemical Any infrastructure or facility involved in chemical fluids transport or distribution
heating Piping intended to transmit steam or hot water to buildings in cities for district heating
power Any infrastructure or facility involved in electricity transport or distribution
street_lighting Street lighting switches and cables can pass through some cabinets all along the streets.
telecom Lines and facilities intended to carry digital information on long distance or towards local customers
television Lines and facilities intended to carry digital television signals mainly towards local customers
waste Pipes and facilities intended to transmit waste to treatment plants in large cities
water Any infrastructure allowing natural, raw or drinkable water to go from production to consumption.
sewerage Infrastructure that took used water from domestic or industrial activities to waste water treatment plants.
hydrant Any device intended to provide water to fire & rescue teams. This value doesn't mean it's an actual hydrant but regards the infrastructure dedicated to feed them.