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Service building.png
Service building usually is a small umanned building with certain machinery (like pumps or transformers). Edit or translate this description.
Group: Buildings
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The tag building=service represents a building specially designed to contain constantly working machinery like pumps, transformers or measuring equipment. Usually such buildings are not meant for people to be inside while the machinery is functioning normally.

How to map

Map the building and add the tag building=service.

If the building is used as a substation then it should also get the following tags:

Other optional tags for substation:

  • operator=* (the name of the power company)
  • ref=*, name=* (any reference number or name the power company may use to refer to this substation)


Tags Description Image
area building=service


A Russian minor distribution electrical substation. The voltage is just a guess. Service building.png

See also

  • power=substation Tagging of substation properties and substation components like transformers.