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The mooring tag is used to mark an area of bank where boats are explicitly permitted to moor. Edit or translate this description.
Group: Waterways
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The mooring tag marks an area of bank where boats are explicitly permitted to moor to e.g. stay for the night, load passengers or offload goods. A commercial mooring point can be tagged as mooring=commercial. Mooring info is attached to the relevant stretch of towpath, or to a new dedicated way alongside the canal or river if there is no towpath.

Use mooring=yes/private/no, applied to ways rather than nodes. Only explicitly marked mooring areas should be shown. Use the maxstay=* tag to show mooring restrictions.


From International Hydrographic Organization, IHO Dictionary, S-32, 5th Edition:
Mooring: "A place where a vessel may be secured.
(Usually in pl.) The equipment used to secure a vessel.
The process of securing a vessel or oceanographic instruments other than anchoring with a single anchor."

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Buoy, mooring: "A buoy secured to the bottom by permanent moorings with means for mooring a vessel by use of its anchor chain or mooring lines."



the following values can be used:

berthing allowed mooring=yes
ferry mooring=ferry
cruise mooring=cruise
guest mooring mooring=guest
check in pier mooring=declaration

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