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Status: de facto


The key post_office:type is used as a sub-key of amenity=post_office specifying the type of post office.

In France, three types of post offices are distinguished:

  • post_office:type=bureau - known as "Bureau de poste", this is the historical post office providing all kind of postal services by the historical operator "La Poste". This is the default value (can be ommitted).
  • post_office:type=post_annex - called "Agence postale communale", the historical operator is still "La Poste" but all employees are externals (usually paid by the municipality). Some postal services can be restricted (e.g. financial transactions).
  • post_office:type=post_partner - named "Relai poste commerçant", it is a relay point in shops or amenities for a limited amount of postal services like briefs, parcels, packets provided as a complementary business. Usually in small villages.