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Indian Wells, Arizona, United States Post Office, February 2019.jpg
Used to specify the type of post office or to mark postal services in other shops, offices or amenities. Show/edit corresponding data item.
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The key post_office is used for:

  1. As a sub-key of amenity=post_office specifying the type and services of a post office.
  2. In addition to a POI with amenity=*, office=* or shop=* to indicate that this POI provides postal services on behalf of a postal service provider. For more information about the second use, see post_office=post_partner.


Key Value Comment example
post_office bureau Full post office, which is operated by the postal service provider.
post_office post_annex (Full) Post office, which is operated by private/ for the postal service provider. Some postal services can be restricted (e.g. financial transactions).
post_office post_partner A relay point in shops or amenities for a limited amount of postal services like letters, parcels, packets provided as a complementary business.

This is common when used with other amenity=*, office=* or shop=* instead of amenity=post_office.


post_office:service_provider short of the postal service providers Name(s) of the postal service providers;

For a list of postal service providers used around the world, see under Key:post_office/postal_service_provider

ref:<service_provider> ID Reference ID by a postal service provider

Service providers must be named like in Key:post office/postal service provider, but all characters in lower case and spaces must be replaced with underscores '_' (because it's the key not the value). Example: for "Deutsche Post" -> "ref:deutsche_post".

Subkeys which are used only with a post_office=post_partner object

post_office:brand name(s) of the brands. Brand(s) under which the postal services are/post office is offered; see Key:post office/postal service provider for a list.

On an object with amenity=post_office, please use the key brand=*!

post_office:brand:wikidata wikidata ID The ID allows to clearly identify the postal service brand in a machine-readable manner, which opens up many options, such as displaying the logo or the correct translation on a map. See brand:wikidata=* for details in general and Key:post office/postal service provider for a list.

On an object with amenity=post_office, please use the key brand:wikidata=*.

post_office:collection_times time, analogical as collection_times=* Deadline for processing and shipping on the day of posting

On an object with amenity=post_office, please use the key collection_times=*.

post_office:opening_hours opening hours, analogical as opening_hours=* Optional information; useful, if the opening times of the postal services differ from the general opening times (e.g. gas stations with night counters)

On an object with amenity=post_office, please use the key opening_hours=*.


If a service (see below) is offered for/by multiple service providers, you can list them. Service providers must be named like in Key:post office/postal service provider
post_office:letter_from yes


list of service providers
Beispiel: DHL;Deutsche Post

dispatch (handing in for sending) of letters
post_office:parcel_from dispatch (handing in for sending) of parcels
post_office:parcel_pickup=* parcel pickup of missed shipments
post_office:parcel_to alternative delivery address ('send the parcel to the shop')
post_office:stamps sale of stamps
post_office:oversized_item dispatch and/or pickup of bulky goods, e.g. bicycles, sports equipment or car tires
post_office:packaging sale of cardboard boxes, cushioning material, letter paper and envelopes.

If there is a wider range of stationery items, please think about tag the store as shop=stationery.

post_office:post_bank services of a "post office savings bank"
post_office:id_check Identity check for mobile phone contracts, account opening, De-Mail, etc.

Postal service providers

For an overview about all postal service providers feel free to fill the list under Key:post_office/postal service provider.

Possible tagging mistakes

If you know places with this tag, verify if it could be tagged with another tag.
Automated edits are strongly discouraged unless you really know what you are doing!