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Here is a list of postal service brands and providers around the world. Feel free to add more entries.

Brand Service Provider Services
brand=* / post_office:brand=* Wikipedia Wikidata service_provider=* Wikipedia Wikidata ref:*=* Region Mail Parcel Notes
DHL Wikipedia DHL[1] Wikipedia Q489815 ref:dhl World-wide X Generic services offered by DHL
DHL Packstation Wikipedia Q1766703 Deutsche Post Wikipedia Q157645 ref:deutsche_post Germany X self-service parcel machines operated by Deutsche Post under the label DHL
DHL Paketshop Deutsche Post Wikipedia Q157645 ref:deutsche_post Germany X X Staffed locations in Germany. Usually offers mail services of Deutsche Post and parcel services using their DHL label
Deutsche Post Deutsche Post Wikipedia Q157645 ref:deutsche_post Germany X X Services offered by Deutsche Post
Hermes Q105702843 Hermes Group Wikipedia Q1613532 ref:hermes Germany Austria France X Generic tag for services offered by Hermes Group
Hermes PaketShop Q105702843 Hermes Group Wikipedia Q1613532 ref:hermes_group Germany X Pick-up locations in Germany
GLS GLS Wikipedia Q366182 ref:gls Europe United States Canada X
DPD DPD Wikipedia Q541030 ref:dpd X Services offered by DPD Group
UPS Access Point UPS Wikipedia Q155026 ref:ups X Services offered by United Parcel Service
Amazon Locker Q16974764 Amazon Wikipedia ref:amazon World-wide X Automated delivery stations operated by Amazon
Allgäu Mail Allgäu Mail GmbH ref:allgäumail Germany X local mail service provider
USPS USPS Wikipedia Q668687 ref:usps United States X X United States Postal Service
biber post Q27914932 DE:mdvd Q105703347 ref:biber_post Germany X Biber Post, local mailing service by Mitteldeutsche Verlags- und Druckhaus GmbH
citipost CITIPOST GmbH Q1093368 ref:citipost Germany X local mailing service
pin PIN AG Q1342288 ref:pin Germany X local mailing service
Relais Colis Q107642867 Relais Colis Q107642867 France X Pick-up locations
Colis Privé France X Pick-up locations
Point Relais Mondial Relay Wikipedia Q3320547 Belgium France Luxembourg Netherlands Spain X Pick-up locations
Pickup DPDgroup
Europe Morocco X Pick-up locations
La Poste Wikipedia Q373724 La Poste Wikipedia Q373724 ref:FR:LaPoste France X X Services offered by La Poste
PaczkoPunkt InPost Wikipedia Q3182097 Poland X post_office=post_partner
Paczkomat Europe


X Pick-up locations
Orlen Paczka Orlen Wikipedia Q971649 Poland X Pick-up locations, post_office=post_partner
Japan Post Japan Post Co., Ltd. Wikipedia Q11509260 Japan X X Japanese postal service

Old Version of table

Service fields

  • post_box - operates post boxes, see also amenity=post_box
  • post_office - operates post offices, see also amenity=post_office
  • post_partner-store - Shop as post partner store, see also post_office=post_partner
  • parcel_locker - Package locker (but also called parcel terminals, parcel stations or parcel machines), see amenity=parcel_locker.
  • parcel_postbox - box for depositing outgoing parcels.

Postal service providers

main country brand=* brand


Postal service Provider service_provider=* service_provider


service fields
DE allgäu mail allgäu mail GmbH allgaeumail post_box
DE Deutsche Post Deutsche Post AG / DHL dpag [W]Q157645 post_box

post_office (post_annex)

DHL Paketshop post partner-stores
DHL Packtstation [W]Q1766703 parcel_locker
DE biber post [W]Q27914932 Mitteldeutsche Verlags- und Druckhaus GmbH de_mdvd [W]Q105703347 post_box


DE citipost CITIPOST GmbH citipost [W]Q1093368 post_box
DE Hermes PaketShop [W]Q105702843 Hermes Germany hermes [W]Q105702759 post_partner-stores
DE DPD DPD Group dpd [W]Q541030 post_partner-stores
DE pin PIN Mail GmbH pin [W]Q1342288 post_box


  1. Technically, DHL is part of Deutsche Post DHL Group. DHL is the common name. The company known as DHL in Germany is a part of Deutsche Post and should be tagged as such.