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Machine for picking up and sending parcels. Show/edit corresponding data item.
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Group: amenities
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Parcel locker are electrical machines with lockers for picking-up parcels. They allow for interaction with the customers, usually by a touchscreen. Some parcel lockers also allow for sending parcels or to be used as ordinary lockers.

How to map

Put a node node at the exact location or draw an area area taken by the machine.

Related tags

Tag Description Recommendation
amenity=parcel_locker Defining locker itself. ! Required
brand=* Parcel service brand  Important
operator=* Machine operator ? Optional
ref=* Reference number as defined per brand/operator ? Optional
colour=yellow/gray/.. Recognizable colour scheme of the parcel locker ? Optional
refrigerated=yes If lockers is dedicated for receiving packages containing perishable goods and is refrigerated. ? Optional
parcel_mail_in=* If locker allow to send packages. ? Optional
parcel_pickup=* If locker allow user to pick up parcels. yes is assumed default option. If no you should explicitly tag available functions. ? Optional
opening_hours=* Usually 24/7 (it is recommended to indicate if other than 24/7). ? Optional
collection_times=* If locker allows to send parcels and its collection times are signed/known. ? Optional
payment=* Payment details ? Optional
parcel_locker:type=* Type of the locker, circular, cabinet, parcel_box, ... ? Optional
surveillance=* If lockers are being surveyed. ? Optional
wheelchair=* Handicapped accessible, yes, no, limited, designated ? Optional
capacity=* Integer number of how many cells are supported by parcel locker. ? Optional
name=* Use more detailed fields instead, brand=* being the most related.  Discouraged

Tagging example

Paczkomat InPost DPD Pickup Station DHL Packstation Amazon Locker
  • amenity=parcel_locker
  • brand=Paczkomat InPost
  • brand:wikidata=Q110970254
  • operator=InPost
  • operator:wikidata=Q3182097
  • parcel_pickup=yes
  • parcel_mail_in=yes
  • ref=KRA165M
  • opening_hours=24/7
  • amenity=parcel_locker
  • brand=DPD Pickup Station
  • operator=DPD
  • parcel_pickup=yes
  • parcel_mail_in=yes
  • ref=1234
  • amenity=parcel_locker
  • brand=DHL Packstation
  • brand:wikidata=Q1766703
  • operator=DHL
  • parcel_pickup=yes
  • parcel_mail_in=yes
  • ref=1234
  • amenity=parcel_locker
  • brand=Amazon Locker
  • brand:wikidata=Q16974764
  • operator=Amazon
  • parcel_pickup=yes
  • parcel_mail_in=yes
  • ref=leaside

Operating options / Features

The features and operating actions of a parcel locker can be mapped with the following tags:


  • Name/identifier: ref=*, e.g. ref=leaside for an Amazon locker labelled "hello my name is leaside". Do not use the name=* tag for such an identifier.
  • Label printer: label printer=yes/no
  • Display: display=*


Login/authentication at the parcel locker:


The standard OSM Carto style render this tag as following: Parcel locker.svg

The alternative Carto style from Tracestrack renders it as the following screenshot:

Also the Apps Organic Maps and OSMAnd render parcel lockers.


  • JOSM
    • TaggingPreset (EN / DE / PL): The ParcelLockers preset contains a template for parcel lockers in general and modified templates for DHL-Packstations, DHL-Paketboxes and Amazon Hub-Locker
    • Style: The style ParcelLockers adds icons for parcel lockers which are shown in the size of 16px

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