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Ecotab charging station (E7164) and electric vehicle parking sign, Winschoten (2019) 04.jpg
Some charging stations require authentication Show/edit corresponding data item.
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This page describes a key prefix rather than a simple key.

Some charging stations require authentication ("unlocking"), even if charging is for free. Different operators use different authentication mechanisms for their charging stations. Some charging stations even support several authentication mechanisms, and the user can choose which to use.

Authentication vs payment

This key is only concerned with the authentication method, not the payment method. If you can pay directly without having to register or be part of a network, then use authentication:none=yes.

To denote whether a charging station is free or not, use fee=yes/no. For payment methods, use the payment:*=* key. To denote whether a charging station is public, or only accessible to a certain group, use access=*.

Common authentication methods

  • authentication:none=yes/no - may be used without authentication; even if fee still applies
  • authentication:key=yes/no - by using a physical key to operate a lock
  • Via membership
    • authentication:app=yes/no - authentication via an app
    • authentication:membership_card=yes/no - authentication via a membership card is available, usually the card is provided by the operator.
    • authentication:contactless=yes/no - authentication via a contactless membership card, via an RFID token/tag or via an NFC smartphone
    • authentication:nfc=yes/no - authentication via NFC is available
    • authentication:chip_card=yes/no - authentication by inserting a membership card with a chip into a chip card reader
  • Via bank transaction
    • authentication:money_card=yes/no - authentication via money card is available.
    • authentication:debit_card=yes/no - authentication via debit card is available.
  • Via mobile phone
    • authentication:phone_call=yes/no - authentication via phone call is available (call to unlock)
      • authentication:phone_call:number=* - the number which has to be called for authentication, should be the same format as in phone=*.
    • authentication:short_message=yes/no - authentication via sending a short message is available
      • authentication:short_message:number=* - the number to which the short message has to be sent, should be the same format as in phone=*.
      • authentication:short_message:text=* - the text that has to be sent in the short message