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shop as post-partner
Status: Proposed (under way)
Proposed by: SafetyIng
Tagging: post_partner=*
Applies to: node, area
Definition: Tagging for post services in other shops and amenities on behalf of a postal service provider (normaly operated by the employees of the shop/amenity), like gas-stations or supermarkets.
Drafted on: 2021-01-25
RFC start: 2021-01-11


Case 1

Add the tag post_partner=* and below listed subtags to indicate services of postal providers in locations tagged with shop=* or amenity=* or similar, if these services are carried out on behalf of a postal service provider mainly by the employees of a shop/amenity.

This Tag is not for an amenity=post_office (also if it is an independent shop within another shop - aka "shop-in-shop post-office"). So the tag is used, when the shop/amenity is partnering with the postal service provider.

Case 2

On basis of the Tags service:vehicle=* or service:bicycle=* it also can be displayed as an Key:service#Business_services like service:post_partner:*=*. The comments from Case 1 apply here as well. Please notice, that all Tags below are listed as case 1.

Please feel free to discuss about this idea.


The suggested name post_partner is based on an existing value of post office:type.

In Germany and other countries there are more and more supermarkets, kiosks, petrol stations and other facilities that offer services such as parcel acceptance, stamp sales and others for various postal service providers. So far there has not been a uniform concept for tagging these "post partners" – there is a lack of uniform standard/procedure, which makes mapping difficult and slows it down and also hinders data consumers, for example searching.

It's clear that these locations don't represent a real post office in the sense of the tag amenity=post_office, because the postal services offered are not clearly in the foreground and they are often only very limited instead of comprehensive. Some advocate mapping as a amenity=post_office anyway, which is not generally possible, especially if the main service is also mapped as amenity (e.g. cafe, library, bank, or social_centre), as multiple values are not to be used (see Semi-colon value separator#When NOT to use).

Often several nodes are created for the same location.

  • These procedure is against 'One_feature,_one_OSM_element' for the frequent situation where the postal services have no own-operated dedicated area (no "shop in the shop" like in a supermarket a small bakery with own till & desk and staff) but are served by the same staff as all other services & goods.
  • This results in more elements for mapping as well as analysis and inflates the amount of data (opening hours, contact data, payments, etc. must be recorded redundantly for both nodes).
  • This increases the likelihood of incorrect entries, e.g
    • if opening times, telephone numbers, etc. are updated for only one of the "actually identical" nodes.
    • Tags of both nodes could be interchangd, so e.g. shop=supermarket and brand=DHL are combined. Or the data of the actual store will be overwritten (e.g. name becomes Hermes PaketShop).
  • This has the advantage that renderers represent both offers or service types.


The node or the area (especially with Indoor Mapping) which is already tagged with the tags amenity=* oder shop=* oder office=* or similar, and which also offers a postal service, receives the tag post_partner=*. Further content is specified by subtags.

Note: If there are spaces or other special characters in the brand name, replace them in the keys for detailed information (in "<brand>") with an underscore _ (see examples and see Any tags you like).

key value required? example description
post_partner=* name(s) of the brands.

Several separated by semicolons

required DHL; DPD Brand(s) under which the postal services are offered.
post_parter:<service>:brand=* name(s) of the brand optional Deutsche Post Brand(s) under which the postal services are offered.
post_parter:<service>:brand:wikidata=* wikidata ID

(of the postal service provider)

optional Q5266289 The ID allows to clearly identify the postal service brand in a machine-readable manner, which opens up many options, such as displaying the logo or the correct translation on a map. For details see brand:wikidata.

Deutsche Post Q5266289

DHL Q489815

Hermes PaketShop Q105702843

post_partner:<service>:operator=* name of the operator optional Deutsche Post AG Company for which the postal servic is provided.

Can be generated automatically from wikidata ID. (see next input)

post_parter:<service>:operator:wikidata=* wikidata ID

(of the postal service provider)

optional Q157645 The ID allows to clearly identify the postal service provider in a machine-readable manner, which opens up many options, such as displaying the logo or the correct translation on a map. For details see brand:wikidata.

Deutsche Post AG Q157645

DPD Q541030

GLS Q366182

Hermes Germany Q105702759

UPS Q155026

post_partner:ref(:<brand>)=* reference ID of post partner optional 123 Please specify if the parcel_mail_in service is offered and the number of the parcel shop has to be noted on the shipping note in order to be sent to the parcel shop, for example with DHL (as street and house number "Post branch 123").

Opional with "brand", when multiple brands with various refIDs

post_partner:collection_times(:<brand>)=* time, analogical as collection_times=* optional Mo-Fr 16:45; Sa-So 12:00 Deadline for processing and shipping on the day of posting

Opional with "brand", when multiple brands with various refIDs

post_partner:opening_hours(:<brand>)=* opening hours, analogical as opening_hours=* optional Mo:So 10:00-24:00 Optional information; useful, if the opening times of the postal services differ from the general opening times (e.g. gas stations with night counters)

Opional with "brand", when multiple brands with various refIDs


Services that may be listed in post_parter::<service>:*=*:

service description
letter_mail_in dispatch (handing in for sending) of letters
parcel_mail_in dispatch (handing in for sending) of parcels
parcel_pickup parcel pickup of missed shipments
parcel_send_in alternative delivery address ('send the parcel to the shop')
stamps sale of stamps
luggage dispatch and/or pickup of luggage
bulk dispatch and/or pickup of bulky goods, e.g. bicycles, sports equipment or car tires
packaging sale of cardboard boxes, cushioning material, letter paper and envelopes. If there is a wider range of stationery items, also tag it as shop=stationery.
post_bank services of a "post office savings bank"
id_check Identity check for mobile phone contracts, account opening, De-Mail, etc.



Today the shop "Handy Shop Stadtfeld" (1004498384) is only tagged as shop=mobile_phone. With the above scheme, the shop could additionally be tagged as post partner:

post_partner=Hermes PaketShop


// Not necessary due to the Wikidata information, but optional:
post_partner:parcel_send_in:brand=Hermes PaketShop
post_partner:parcel_send_in:operator=Hermes Germany GmbH
post_partner:parcel_mail_in:brand=Hermes PaketShop
post_partner:parcel_mail_in:operator=Hermes Germany GmbH
post_partner:parcel_pickup:brand=Hermes PaketShop
post_partner:parcel_pickup:operator=Hermes Germany GmbH

Example 2 - Kiosk with multiple service

After a project phase, the first multi-label parcel shop was opened in Hamburg in 2018[1]. In sparsely populated areas in particular, the settlement of several postal service providers in one shop would be conceivable.

name=Lotto Kiosk
post_partner=Deutsche Post;DHL;Hermes PaketShop

// Not necessary due to the Wikidata information, but optional:
post_partner:letter:brand=Deutsche Post
post_partner:letter:operator=Deutsche Post AG
post_partner:parcel_send_in:operator=DHL Paket GmbH
post_partner:parcel_mail_in:brand=DHL;Hermes Paketshop
post_partner:parcel_mail_in:operator=DHL Paket GmbH;Hermes Germany GmbH
post_partner:parcel_pickup:brand=DHL;Hermes Paketshop
post_partner:parcel_pickup:operator=DHL Paket GmbH;Hermes Germany GmbH
post_partner:stamps:brand=Deutsche Post
post_partner:stamps:operator=Deutsche Post AG

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