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Wish list / to-do


  1. separatedly mapped features
  2. Affixation of sub-feature opening_hours=*
  3. Temporary
  4. Official vs unofficial classifications
  5. ventilation, shaft, adit, chimney, stacks
  6. Clarify amenity=loading_dock
  7. Terrace landform
  8. Public piano and similar music instruments
  9. School's teaching language vs languages taught
  10. wildlife crossing


  1. ISCED 2011
  2. SEN schools
  3. University details
  4. University system, campus - as branch, network


  1. Barrier and crossing gate details
  2. fence detail
  3. Fully enclosed noise barrier
  4. emergency crash gate
  5. noise barrier, insulation
  6. Clarify military=cordon restricted border areas


  1. Clarify goods=* for lgv and hgv.
  2. priority crossing, road and surface marking, junction and mid-block crosswalk
  3. Unmarked lanes
  4. carriageways
  5. Destination
  6. Non-physically separated road parts
  7. Updated parking:lane=*
  8. mini-roundabout, turning circle, turning loop line and area mapping (detail?)
  9. kerb, kerbstone for flat sidewalk and parking block
  10. Traffi-calming combination & direction
  11. LEZ applicability
  12. Studs, bott's dots as road marking; Cat's eye, reflective devices
  13. Frontage road/roadway
    1. Interntionally these "slower" and frontage-providing roads (direct access to activities/buildings, loading & unloading, possibly parking) are known as frontage road; or often "service road" (not highway=service) and "access road". "side road" makes me think of crossing side-streets intersecting with the major road (comapre priority_road=*).
    2. A related tag to side_road=double may be carriageway=triple and carriageway=quadruple, etc.
    3. carriageway=* in use {{Taginfo|carriageway}}
  14. relation?
Public transport
  1. Different "taxi"s
  2. Different "bus"es
  1. Electrification
  1. Arch bridge details
  2. Approach / ramps
  3. Tunnel details
  4. Expansion joints
  1. ports
  2. landing steps
  1. ATC tower


  1. Tidy up cuisine=*
  2. office, government, school parts/departments
  3. Service building service and utility
  4. Meal times, service times, and choice
  5. Library, museum
  6. Vending and disepending
  7. Shelter strucuture
  8. Fountain grouping and individual nozzles
  9. industrial=* values
  10. residential=apartments vs non-building=apartments housing projects
  11. dormitory
  12. interntional delivery
  13. bbq
  14. historic and memorial military equipment (artillery, non-tank AFVs)
  15. Teaching amenity (hospital, hotel)


  1. natural=tree and natural=tree_line
  2. reservoir land-use, quarry and basin landform


  1. Better Taginfo template