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Personal pre-drafts

Pre-RFC drafts

  1. Proposed features/Unconvetional railway details



It is still better to break up garden:type=*, since there are a lot of overlaps and conflicts in values (as well as to remove the useless *:type=* suffix).

  1. garden:type=residential only says it is "residential", could really be a house (as targeted here), multiplex building, or even apartment (if "private"). Or does it mean it is in a residential area (there are some gardens in commercial or even industrial areas) Or cared by some resident in the area?
  2. garden:type=community is either a target audience (for public viewing and consumption on a neighborhood level), the carers (by a group of resident, or anyone in the neighborhood), or users (not only residents, could be workers or innovators). What if there's a share house.
  3. garden:type=roof_garden (and potentially garden:*=front or garden:*=back) are locations.
  4. garden:type=frontage is a level of sophistication (simple decorations to the frontage), scale (small area for the frontage, unlike a "front garden"), or purpose (decorates the public-facing frontage, instead of for personal enjoyment)?
  5. garden:type=green_wall (if it does cover the entire front wall) is an element or medium
  6. garden:type=botanical is a content (contains plants of botanical interest), objective (for science, education, conservation, etc), or organization method (labeled and tracked systematically) . What if a wealthy resident, scientist, or gardener has a private botanical collection.

So a it might have any of garden:*=residential (residential setting) + garden:*=resident (for some resident(s)) + garden:*=individual (for an individual) + garden:*=house (at a house) + garden:*=front_garden (located on the frontage side of the site) + garden:*=frontage (simple decorations for the frontage) + garden:*=public (for public viewing by any passer-by).