Proposal:Alternative energy focused power revamp

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Alternative energy focused power revamp
Proposal status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: Kovposch
Draft started: 2021-10-03


Incorporate energy storage and conversion systems. Clean-up nuclear power tagging. Add renewable energy details.



Key:generator:type deviates in a few tags from Proposed features/Power generation refinement

Proposed features/Power generation refinement itself has some shortcoming that could be addressed.

Adding on to battery tagging, fuel cells have no tagging either. 1 generator:type=fuel_cell and generator:method=fuel_cell exists, with 16 other single-instance tags of names and other info related to fuel cells.

For solar power, there's no indication of the inclination fixed solar panels are facing, nor the tracking capability for movable ones. No tagging proposed in concentrated solar, be it PV or thermal. ~500 note:generator:type=CPV (concentrator photovoltaic) instances can be found in a spike, possibly added one-off from an import. 2 generator:method=concentrated_solar instances.


generator:type=* is to be replaced, with the attributes cleaned-up. The "unapproved" plant:type=* follows.


Most of the ~1.16M generator:type=* instances are "small" devices of generator:type=solar_photovoltaic_panel (~937k = ~81%), followed by generator:type=horizontal_axis (~193k = ~17%); the two totalling ~1.13M = ~97.4%. The scale of deprecating is not as serious as it seems.

power=plant doesn't use a plant:type=* tagging. Therer was previously reactor_type=*, as mentioned in Proposed_features/Power_generation_refinement#New_approach.


  • (generator:mechanism=* to be abandoned in favor of another)
  • (Other energy storage to be incorporated)

New values

Specific keys


Water/wind turbines


  • (Concentrated PV vs thermal)
  • (Thin-film?)

Gas turbines

Generic keys


Tagging combination

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Features/Pages affected

External discussions



Proposed features/Tag:power=battery

Proposed features/Power storage OSM US Slack question on fuel cells


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