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More bridge structural details
Proposal status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: Kovposch
Draft started: 2022-08-24


Differentiate different sub-types of bridge structures, and highlight more bridge elements.


Disclaimer: Not an engineer

Bridge structures

  • Overlap between bridge=cantilever, bridge:structure=arch, and bridge:structure=truss can be difficult to determine in some cases (criteria is the mechanism of support)
  • Some common attributes exists that can be characterized
  • Much distinct looks between variations compared to other types
  • Balanced cantilever viaduct has conflict between bridge=cantilever and bridge=viaduct
  • There are some dubious naming viz Nielsen-Lohse bridge (commonly found, and standard terminology in Japan), which the credited authors didn't actually construct such a bridge even if it might have been patented similarly

Bridge elements

Expansion joint

Expansion joints connect the series of spans to form the whole bridge.

  • Assist in outlining bridge=* and man_made=bridge (whether to include ramp or abutment in its extent, or how to defining limit jointless / integral abutment bridge is out-scope)
  • Helpful to align and trace other objects
  • Is a source of noise & vibration; and a point of failure for maintenance, repairs, and disaster management


Parapets form the sides of a bridge deck, as well the edge of any raised structure. This can be extended to roof, terrace, balcony, and elevated walkways.

  • Assist in outlining man_made=bridge
  • Often coincides with the bridge outline


Bridge structures


TBD: Truss, bowstring arch

Arch bridge

TBD: Asymmetric arch

Bridge elements


Expansion joints




Might be possible to draw up icons for man_made=bridge in 2D renders to function as a landmark.

3D renders may attempt to generate lookalikes from archetypes.

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