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Forth Rail Bridge Pier.jpg
A structure that supports a bridge from beneath Show/edit corresponding data item.
Group: bridges
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may be used on nodesuse on ways unspecifiedmay be used on areas (and multipolygon relations)should not be used on relations (except multipolygon relations)
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Use bridge:support=* to indicate the position of the abutments and piers which support a bridge from beneath. The tag can also be used to map abutments and piers which remain after the span(s) of a bridge have been removed.

The simplest way to map these is to create a node along the way tagged with bridge=* centered on each pier. In cases where the pier has a significant footprint, this tag might be applied to an area enclosing that footprint, or to a way in the case of piers that are wide but thin (such as  trestle bents).

Use this tag judiciously. The placement of piers may be useful in precisely indicating obstruction to ways and areas beneath the bridge, but when the piers are very closely spaced, mapping each one may make it difficult to work with the associated way. In such cases, simply tagging with bridge=trestle may be sufficient.

Tag Description Photo Usage
bridge:support=pier An intermediate, upright support beneath a bridge. Known as a " bent" in trestle bridges. IMG 3978 bridge piers.jpg
bridge:support=abutment A support for one end of a bridge. Usually adjacent to a solid substrate supporting the way over the bridge.
Hillsgrove Covered Bridge abutment.jpg
bridge:support=lift_pier A support for a lift bridge over which one of the lift towers stands. Rethe offen.jpg
bridge:support=pivot_pier A support for a movable bridge on which the bridge pivots, either horizontally (as a swing bridge) or vertically (as a bascule or drawbridge). Phila PW&B Railroad Bridge11.png
bridge:support=pylon A tower supporting a suspension or cable-stayed bridge.
Düsseldorf - Rheinkniebrücke (Parlamentsufer) 02 ies.jpg


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