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Proposal status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: Marek_kleciak
Applies to: area node
Definition: Bridge in 3D
Draft started: 2014-07-22

This wiki page describes some ideas for 3D modeling of bridges. This is recently only working version for one proposal. Ideas, suggestions are welcome.

Status Quo


Rendering has known problems with bridges with several separated lanes necessarily for right routing:


Use of area concept for bridges helps to render better 2D maps, see man_made=bridge



For simple multilevel bridges this proposal can be used to map bridge levels.

Another idea would be use of building=yes concept for drawing of building parts.


Modify S3DB concept and draw bridges as well.


F3DBbridgeV1.jpg Simple bridge with pillar.

F3DBbridgeV1Section.jpg Section

Tagging: open questions and ideas
  • column=yes or pillar=yes or barrier=wall with area=yes (please vote)
  • bridge:part=yes or building:part=yes (please vote)
  • how to tag value H1? (Thickness of main bridge plateau): bridge:height:ele=90
  • bridge:height:ground_level=25
  • bridge:min_level=23.5


Bridges with height profile

Very often is the surface of a bridge not flat. In such situations the surface of the bridge shuuld be divided in more areas tagged as: bridge:part=ramp The street vector (highway=* + bridge=yes) gets two (different) ele=* values respectively on both sides of bridge:part.


Sketch: dividing of bridge area in subareas bridge:part=yes


Top and side view of typical bridge with different heights.

How to map height

ele=* values on highway=* on the outline shape of bridge:part=ramp