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Status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: Kovposch
Applies to:
Definition: Residential areas as a feature
Drafted on: 2021-08-08

This is a creative attempt for fun.


landuse=* and man_made=* are to be reorganized.




  1. Some controversy over "man" (frankly I don't care much)
  2. Ambiguous meaning together with natural=*, which is used for "natural" features.
  3. Too wide


  1. It is an abstract concept
  2. Overlapping landuse=* can be complicated, and non-obvious.


  1. Unclear usage of industrial=factory over man_made=works
  2. Some argued to be not "industrial" among other issues (eg industrial=warehouse)
  3. All sorts of values


  1. Ambiguous meaning between vehicle operation and other storage (eg [[Key:{{{1}}}|{{{1}}}]]=*



  1. Precise and accurate definition


  1. No other good key name choice


  1. Tentative

residence=* A residential equivalent to shop=mall and man_made=works to represent a single functioning residential feature in complex cases, working alongisde landuse=residential.

  1. Sometimes landuse=residential is drawn for every individual house premise, which is fronwed upon by some.
  2. place=plot is controversial
  3. This specifically targets representing complicated housing projects, with residence=apartments in particular.


  1. Most man_made=* migrated to structure=*.
    1. Certain, viz man_made=works and man_made=wastewater_plant, goes to industria=*.
    2. Some others, viz man_made=observatory goes to (facility=*).
  2. industrial=* is consolidated as industrial functions only, with other info moved to product=* and industry=*
  3. industrial=depot and *=vehicle_depot are moved
    1. railway=depot
    2. highway=depot
    3. *=storage_depot, with industrial=fuel_depot becoming substance=fuel
  4. residence=* corresponds to most residential=* values, with residence=house added.
  5. landuse=* is recommended to be reserved for areas above (eg a group factories or housing estates) or below (eg specific areas or subdivisions that are not functioning as individual features) in the abstract hierarchy, although still allowing for double-tagging.



Features/Pages affected

This envisions an aspiration through long-term transition.

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