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Proposal status: Abandoned (inactive)
Tagging: opening_hours:signed=no
Applies to:
Definition: Object has opening hours but there is no opening hours sign visible from outside

Draft started: 2018-05-18
Entrance of shop with explicitly unmarked opening hours
Restaurant with plenty of info, without opening hours -


One may want to walk along the street and map info from available opening hour signs. In this situation it may be useful to record why opening hours info was not collected for some objects.

One of typical reasons is that there is no sign with opening hours info. This information is not likely to be useful for data consumers, but it may be useful during mapping. Some users prefer to prioritize collecting opening hours that are easy to survey. Some may prefer to skip objects where opening hours collection requires more effort than transcribing sign on the door.

This tag allows to prefer objects with completely unknown opening hours over ones where opening hours are unknown and more complicated to obtain.

Separate tag is preferable over note=* as it is machine readable and it allows to easily use it in tools that automatically detect features for survey (like StreetComplete). Storing it in the note tag would require all Maurya across the world use the same phrase in one language what is not acceptable.


It allows to mark objects where opening hours info is harder to obtain or verify. During surveying opening hours info one may be willing to enter data from opening hours signs and unwilling to ask shopkeepers/owners/etc about opening hours - especially if survey is done during busy part of the day or during night.


Use opening_hours:signed=no on any object that has opening hours and has no opening hours sign.

Such sign is expected to be visible from outside. Note that some signs are visible from outside but visible from inside.

Features/Pages affected

Tag:opening_hours:signed=no would be created


I started using it in my fork of StreetComplete (initial version added in ). Proposed to be included in StreetComplete in


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