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You can help!

Image search

See for listing of images which require locating or creating a replacement.

Uncategorized files

Looking through Uncategorized files would help. In some cases they are clearly problematic - with stated source leading to "all right reserved" or with note "from internet". In such case image should be replaced/delinked and tagged with {{Delete}} (or at least {{Delete proposal}} if it is in use and you prefer to not deal with delinking or replacing it}

In some cases uploader should be notified and asked to provide source and image ideally would get {{No licence|subcategory=uploader notified 2022, September}} to mark it for followup

In some cases image is obviously {{PD-shape}} or other obviously appplying template (see Wiki:Media file license chart)

Even adding images to Category:Maps or Category:Screenshots helps as it allows people to skip them when trying to process just photos or find them if they look to help specifically with maps and screenshots.

If you are unsure just skip the image and leave it for others, there is more than enough to keep many people busy.

More manual listings

See list of files where warnings to uploaders expired and User:Mateusz Konieczny/friendly list of problematic files linking Commons or Flickr so their fixing is often is relatively easy - just check licensing status at target page, or even better migrate image to Wikimedia Commons.


Processing Category:Media without a license (replacing and deleting files which where uploader was notified over six months ago, notifying people in Category:Media without a license - uploader not notified) is also helpful but more tricky.

See also

Direct links

See also [1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8]

Uploader notifying

See User:Mateusz Konieczny/test for currently reviewed files.

There are thousands of files in either Category:Media without a license - uploader not notified or without any category at all There are also other files without licenses not caught here.

This page described a bot edit that would

Edit would be applied to all files without proper license template or without stated source.

For practical reasons the edit would be limited and skip, at least initially, some files.

I would review each batch before edit to not bother uploaders about cases where all information to handle licensing is stated already (but I will not catch everything!) - and to handle separately cases where default message is not fitting. Review would be using something like

It would be useful as it would notify uploaders about problems with their files and hopefully will result in filling missing licensing data and/or releasing images under free licenses.

In the worst case we would replace problematic images with ones available under free licenses - also an improvement.

Note that this edit will affect about 22 000 existing files and many that will be uploaded in future without properly stating license and source. Right now it is 22 034 files + files that have categories but neither {{Unknown}} nor any license template or are without info about source.

  • 2021-12-29 30 821 (including 8787 not counted originally)
  • 2022-01-09 30 524 (19 929 uncategorized files, 1 808 files explicitly marked as problematic) (including 8787 not counted originally)
  • 2022-02-01 29 004 (18 226 uncategorized files, 1 991 files explicitly marked as problematic) (including 8787 not counted originally)
  • 2022-03-08 27 207 (16 980 uncategorized files, 1 440 files explicitly marked as problematic, 185 labelled for deletion) Note: new type of files started to be counted (including 8602 not counted originally)
  • 2022-03-21 27 571 (15 581 uncategorized files, 3 094 files explicitly marked as problematic, 294 labelled for deletion + 86 with deletion proposed + 933 listed as Wikimedia Commons duplicates. Note: "86" and "933" parts are new and include some double counting) (including 7583 not counted originally)
  • 2022-03-21 27 417 15510+3132+243+85+864 (including 7583 not counted originally)
  • 2022-04-23 26 725 14137+3760+444+83+718 (including 7583 not counted originally)
  • 2022-05-02 26 954 13967+3818+817+40+729+3+21+7559 (3 new categories adding extra images, many image nominated for deletion recently causing double counting)
  • 2022-05-25 26 920 13287+4872+591+52+585+5+21+7507
  • 2022-06-05 26 095 12592+5204+506+32+396+5+20+7340
  • 2022-06-20 25 013 11772+5657+223+39+180+6+14+7122
  • 2022-06-29 25 030 11742+5640+280+32+178+6+29+7123
  • 2022-08-01 24 448 11467+5627+136+32+74 +6+13+7093
  • 2022-08-30 23 842 10232+6191+409+42+151+6+12+6799
  • 2022-09-17 23 372 10019+6284+292+37+105+6+ 7+6622 // directly after series of many file deletions

Source for estimated count: ([9][10][11][12][13][14][15][16]) start tracking also: - these are also apparently problematic :(

Deletions log:

Edit would be automated, made using my regular user account. I would review edits before making them (with that image overwiev). I have experience with bot edits (Mechanical Edits/Mateusz Konieczny - bot account - for now edits in mapping database). In case of causing damage caused by bugs in a bot I would do all work necessary to repair it.

Note that message to user will propose to post to Talk:Wiki (this page) in case of unclear copyright situation and message will be send to many users - so it is expected that many will post there asking for help (I am planning to answer them, but help from others would be appreciated).

Was published on Talk:Wiki - see

Example log


Other examples

TO BE CLEAR: people who responded and clarified status of images are admirable! The root problem was that noone cared about file status, people should NOT be expected to be magically understanding copyright.

I am not blaming people who uploaded random images from internet and they have not done anything really wrong. Main problem is that this files stayed unnoticed for so long.

Only small part of improvements is listed here.


Followup templates

See also

Other TODO

This listing comes from User:Mateusz Konieczny/todo

Following pages are listing problems waiting for fixing on OSM Wiki: