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This media file does not have sufficient information on its copyright status. If you have created this file yourself, or the file is available under some open licence allowing its use on OSM Wiki or the file is in the public domain, you can edit the file description page to license it under one of the allowed licences. If you did not create it and it is not in the public domain, you must ask the copyright holder for permission to release it under one of the allowed licenses. Wiki:Media file license chart may be helpful to find a suitable licence.
Files without licences marked with this template are listed in Category:Media without a license or one of its subcategories. If the file is without a known open licence: ask its uploader to clarify situation or find a replacement and mark this file with {{Superseded by Commons}} and replace its uses.

If uploader was notified this month: use {{No licence|subcategory=uploader notified 2024, March}} - to put media into Category:Media without a license - uploader notified 2024, March and mark image as one where uploader was notified.

If no action taken helped or the file is a known copyright violation then you should remove its uses and mark the file with {{Delete}}.

This template should only be used on file pages.

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Use this template to indicate that a file has missing licence information. The template does not provide a license it just indicates its absence.

{{No licence}}

{{No licence|optional comment}}

{{No licence|subcategory=uploader notified 2024, March}} to also put image into specified category, in this case into Category:Media without a license - uploader notified 2024, March.

Note: "uploader notified" subcategories can be used only if uploader was notified that their file has some problems.

We have a number of templates that seem to be based on Wikipedia ones, whose use are documented here on Wikipedia. The Unknown template was used both as a table cell template and as a license template for uploaded files with an "I am not sure choice" for the license, so has been modified to work as before in namespaces other than File, and to show "Unknown license" in the File namespace.

It adds page to Category:Media without a license

Note that there are thousands of files where this template would be applicable. In case of adding this - consider notifying uploader on their talk page and asking to clarify licensing status. Category:Media without a license has potentially useful template of such request.

No description.

Template parameters

This template prefers block formatting of parameters.


insert anything to switch-off categorisation


adds a category

Unbalanced wikitextoptional

add a subcategory, commonly used to document when an uploader was notified about the missing licence, category name starts with "Media without a license - "

uploader notified March 2022

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