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class="unknown table-unknown" style="font-size:smaller;line-height:1.6;background:#FFE;color:#222;text-align:center;"|Unknown

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Note: This template is used on a lot of pages. In order not to put too much load on the servers, edits should be kept to a bare minimum.
Please discuss proposed changes on the talk page first.
Editing a template causes all pages that use the template to be re-rendered. If the Template is used often, this can put a lot of load on the servers since it fills up the job queue. [statistics]

This template combines two functions. When used inside a table cell, it sets a background and writes the text unknown. That is useful for missing or unknown data. When used in the file namespace, it displays a warning message similar to Template:No licence. Apart from the name, both usages are completely unrelated and exist for compatibility with existing pages only.

Basic syntax: {{Unknown}}

Usage in the file namespace

Main article: Template:No licence/doc

Please use Template:No licence instead. It works almost identical and avoids the naming problems.

Usage in table cells

{| class="wikitable"
| category
| {{Unknown|unknown value}}


category unknown value