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Lasten ajoharjoittelu rata Nordenskiöldinkatu - panoramio.jpg
An area with scaled-down roads where children can learn the rules of the road. Show/edit corresponding data item.
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Traffic park is an area with scaled-down road and intended as place where children can learn the rules of the road. It typically includes traffic signs and "roads" may be used by children on bicycles or other pedal-powered vehicles. Use may be focused on safety training or on playground for children (with little to no safety training taking place).

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Set a node node or draw as an area area along the traffic park outline. Add



area Traffic park in Germany

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Such areas may be known under following names:

  • "traffic park"
  • "children's traffic park"
  • "transportation park"
  • "traffic garden"
  • "safety village", "safety town", "safety city" [1]
  • "Bicycle Safety Centre"
  • "learn to ride centre"
  • "traffic playground"
  • (de) "Verkehrs(schul)garten" ("traffic garden") or "(Jugend-)Verkehrsschule" ("traffic school") in German (Wikipedia)
  • (el) "Πάρκο Κυκλοφοριακής Αγωγής" in Greek
  • (es) "Parque infantil de tráfico" "Pista de Educación Vial"
  • (nl) "verkeerspark" ("traffic park") or "verkeerstuin" ("traffic garden", promotional term) in Dutch
  • (pl) "miasteczko rowerowe" ("bicycle town"), "park rowerowy" ("bicycle park"), "miasteczko ruchu drogowego" ("traffic town") in Polish

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