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The OpenStreetMap Community Forum ( is a Discourse-based forum launched by the OSMF to replace the old and sites. An introductory guide for new users has been posted.

Using via email

It is hoped that it might be fully usable via email.


You can reply to an email with just the text +1 and you will be recorded as hearting (❤️'ing) a post.

You can create a new topic in a category by emailing the correct * address:

Category Email address

Red x.svg To do: How does this work with subcategories? Do you just put the : in the email?

Problems & solutions

  • Discourse does not accept emails that are too short. You can add some text from a Lorem Ipsum generator to your message.
  • Discourse sometimes deletes quoted text.

Red x.svg To do: Link respective Discourse bug reports.

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