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Backup für Proposed features/man_made=embankment


You love another Language? Proposal's speak English. But you can add for you and all Users of your Language the same message in the template:
. This simplifies creation of a future multilingual documentation. If you need to translate your statement into English, then save them in your original language. Read in German., Read in French.

Please support the proposal. Together we can find a solution for all. Read in German., Read in Italian.

embankment values
Proposal status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: reneman
Tagging: man_made=embankment
Applies to: way
Definition: A embankment is a natural or artificial earth construction

Rendered as: Mapping-Features-Road-Embankment.png Levee.png Man made embankment.jpg
Draft started: 2013-03-08

Gedankenstütze: Wikipedia

Initial Situation

Three different attributes for a embankment. Read in German.

  • embankment=yes → In transportation an embankment is a raised bank to carry a road, railway, or canal. In use with highway=*. Read in German.
  • man_made=embankment → Exactly as embankment=yes, but as a separate object way. Read in German.
  • man_made=dyke → An artificial embankment built to restrict the flow of water or other liquids. Also known as a levee. Read in German.

What is a embankment

An embankment is a natural or artificial longitudinal rising ground. These are for example slopes or dams. Read in German.

Related Attributes

A broad overview of similar attributes. Read in German.

  • natural=cliff → A cliff on the coast Read in German.
  • natural=arete → A Arête is a thin, almost knife-like, ridge of rock. Read in German.
  • natural=ridge → A ridge is a series of peaks Read in German.
  • natural=dune → Rise of sand, which is fanned by the wind and deposited. Partially covered with grass. Read in German.

The Problem

  • Many mappers seeking greater opportunities for different embankment types Read in German.
  • Many mappers wish a uniform and practical documentation Read in German.
  • Many mappers do not understand why there are three different attributes for embankments Read in German.
  • Many mappers should not know how to draw a embankment Read in German.
  • All three attributes are not Approved Read in German.

The problem is shown in Table: Read in German.

Key Value Use count one quarter later
embankment yes 45 656 48 660
embankment true 121 134
embankment left 159 328
embankment right 94 117
embankment both 27 28
embankment levee 72 72
embankment Sichtschutzwall 2 2
embankment:right yes 87 66
embankment:left yes 70 28
right:embankment yes 2 2
left:embankment yes 2 2
embankment:type sand_wall 3 3
embankment_type noise_barrier 2 2
man_made embankment 2 673 3 702
man_made dyke 4 424 4 467
manmade dyke 6 6
man_made dike 1 279 1 270
man_made levee 24 28
natural embankment 12 12
natural dike 5 5
barrier embankment 5 381 5 084
barrier dyke 4 4
waterway dyke 14 14
waterway dike 12 10
Sum 60 131 64 046
Stand: 08.03.2013 08.06.2013


This Proposal-Site to establish a uniform tagging scheme and will be used (by vote) as the basis for a detailed and comprehensive documentation. This includes agreeing on uniform Key's and the vote on the values ​​to use (value). Finally, it should be documented with the use of examples. Read in German.


  1. man_made=embankment → Here is a embankment. Read in German.
2. embankment=* → The embankment is on the right/left/both. Read in German.
3. embankment:type=* → Type of embankment. Read in German.


Applies to ways way only.


Key Value Beschreibung
embankment=* right Die Böschung befindet sich rechts vom Way
embankment=* left Die Böschung befindet sich links vom Way
embankment=* both Die Böschung befindet sich beidseitig
embankment=* yes Gleich setzen mit "both"?, yes sollte nicht verwendet werden, zu unspezifisch

Die Ausrichtung orientiert sich an der Zeichenrichtung.


Key Value Description Picture
embankment:type=* Levee / Dyke / Dike Deich - Hochwasserdamm Deichwegnordstrand.jpg
embankment:type=* rampart Schutzwall, Grenzwall Vorderer Limes bei Öhringen – 1960.jpg Picswiss VS-61-17.jpg The Ramparts, Rampart Way - - 864365.jpg Ramparts, Cissbury Ring - - 1332728.jpg
embankment:type=* Corduroy road Knüppeldamm (siehe auch bridge=boardwalk) Dragoman blato3.JPG
embankment:type=* noise protection embankment Lärmschutzwall
embankment:type=* railway A Embankment for the railway. Read in German. West som min 1.jpg Hindenburgdamm.jpg Halligbahn
embankment:type=* transportation, causeway Please Help!
embankment:type=* Your Idea Please Help!

Tags die in diesem Zusammenhang gebraucht werden


aktuelle Situation

Osmarender: like embankment=yes (rendered using dark brown) using dark green color at z17 and z16


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