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About this wiki Guidelines Organisation Translation Cleanup Help

This page details how this wiki is (generally) organised and structured. It was created in attempt to bring some clarity to the wiki structures.

Pages naming convention

Please follow Wikipedia capitalising naming conventions: For multiword page titles, leave the second and subsequent words in lowercase unless the title phrase is a proper noun that would always occur capitalized, even in the middle of a sentence.

Do not use CamelCasePageTitles in which words are jammed together with no spaces - MediaWiki allows us to use spaces as in natural language. The exception to this would be where the page title is the name of something which does typically have its words jammed together e.g. "OpenLayers".

Prefixes in page titles have been used heavily in the past (e.g. the 'WikiProject' prefix). This is mostly a cumbersome legacy, but not one we can easily rectify at this stage. Moving all such pages would be too big a task. However creating new page title prefixing schemes is strongly discouraged. Use natural language page titles, and cross-link a set of pages to create linking structures in the content of the pages themselves. Please refer to the Wiki organisation for the current discussion on this topic.

Page type Current Naming convention Suggestions Infobox template Categories
MapProject Pages
Places Sometimes prefixed with WikiProject, sometimes in Country:City format (eg Canada:{location} or France:{location}) Unify ALL names. Suggest Place as page name, using Place (Location) as needed. Template:Country Template:Place Sometimes 'Cities in X', sometimes area name.
Features Name of feature (either plural or singular). Often a redirect to the appropriate tag/key. Template:Feature Category:Features Category:Feature
Features in a place <Place_Name>_<feature> (eg United Kingdom trams) Simplify naming using Feature (Place) Template:PlaceFeature Category:Feature Category:Project in place
OSMProject Pages
Tags (namespace: or pseudonamespace: (ommited for EN:})Tag:key={value} we need Extension:Translate as air Template:ValueDescription Tags, Category:Tag descriptions by status
Keys (namespace: or pseudonamespace: (ommited for EN:})Key:{key} we need Extension:Translate as air Template:KeyDescription Keys, Category:Key descriptions by status
Relations (namespace: or pseudonamespace: (ommited for EN:})Relation:{name} we need Extension:Translate as air Template:RelationDescription Relations
Proposals (namespace: or pseudonamespace: (ommited for EN:})Proposed_features/{name}

Spelling variations: Proposed Features..., Relations/Proposed/... (unconventional: Proposal..., user pages...)

Separate namespace Proposal suggested: Proposal:{name}/{language} Template:Proposal_Page Category:Proposals
WikiProject Pages
Events (eg mapping parties) <Name> <Month> <Year> Not sure where this fits, a mapping parts can be included as part of the projects. Category:Events
Help pages Portal to Cleanup, Communications etc. Needs a Cleanup!
Project-meta pages (eg about the Foundation)

Categories naming convention

Category type Naming convention Sub-categories Parent categories
Continent {continent-name} Countries Continents
Country {country-name} Places Countries, {parent-continent}
Features {namespace or pseudonamespace (ommited for EN:)}{feature-name} {namespace or pseudonamespace (ommited for EN:)}{feature-name} Category:Features and language-variants
Place {Place-name} {place} in {parent-country}, {parent-country}

Link Templates

(See most linked to templates!)

Template Code Example output Note
Map {{map|latitude|longitude|zoom_level}} 63°00′00.00″ N, 16°30′00.00″ E Include a reference to a map co-ordinate.
Node {{node|ID}} node 123456 Include a reference to a node
Way {{way|ID}} way 12345 Include a reference to a way
Area {{area|ID}} area 12345 Include a reference to an area
Relation {{relation|ID|tools=no}} relation 12345 Include a reference to a relation
{{browseRelation|ID|tools=no}} relation 12345 redirects to template above
Tag {{tag|key}} amenity=* Include a reference to a key page
{{tag|key|value}} amenity=parking Include a reference to a key page and a tag page
{{tag|key||value}} name=OpenStreetMap Only includes reference to a key page
{{tagValue|key|value}} parking Only includes reference to a tag page, displays only the value
Role {{role|name}} stop Include a reference to a role page


A number of Wiki labels are available for marking pages for attention by WikiProject Cleanup. Pages can be labelled as follows:

Per contents

Especially Template:Ambox (on Wikipedia) - more general purpose templates like information, proposal, request, reporting...

Other related external templates in English Wikipedia (not used on this wiki):


Recall (here): all pages which only a short description, a page with more sections is no longer a stub.

{{Stub|None}} - to bring in Template:Stub which looks like...

View a list of pages 'including' this label! and Category:Stubs.

  • Also you can use with a reference {{stub|ref=[[KeypadMapper]]}} which returns

  • Stub Variants

{{key stub}}

{{tag stub}}


{{Undocumented Tag}}

View a list of pages 'including' this label!

Out of date

{{Out of date}} - to bring in Template:Out of date which looks like...

View a list of pages 'including' this label!

Split section

{{Split section}} - to bring in Template:Split section which looks like...

View a list of pages 'including' this label!

Image request

{{Image requested}} - to bring in Template:Image requested which looks like...

Pages Listed with this label!

Per article

Delete proposal

Main article: Deleting a page

{{delete proposal}} - to bring in Template:Delete proposal which looks like...

Pages Listed with this label!

Delete request

{{Delete|Description-of-the-reason}} - to bring in Template:Delete which looks like...

Pages Listed with this label!


{{Questioned}} - to bring in Template:Questioned which looks like...

View a list of pages 'including' this label!

Move request

{{Move|page name}} - to bring in Template:Move which looks like...

View a list of pages 'including' this label!

Merge request

{{Merge|page name}} - to bring in Template:Merge which looks like...

View a list of pages 'including' this label!

Out of sync

{{Translation out of sync}} - to bring in Template:Translation out of sync which looks like...

View a list of pages 'including' this label! and Category:Translations out of sync.

  • Translation Variant

{{Translation not complete}} - to bring in Template:Translation not complete which looks like...

View a list of pages 'including' this label! and Category:Translation not complete.


Cleanup request

{{Cleanup|Description-text-on-a-few-lines}} - to bring in Template:Cleanup which looks like...

Pages Listed with this label!


Verifiability (tags)

{{Verifiability}} - to bring in Template:Verifiability will have good prefix for Categories, Key:, Tag: pages, but will show meaningless title for regular pages or <langcode>:pages

View a list of pages 'including' this label!

Archived proposals

{{Archived proposal|archive_id=1234}}

You can archive a page by extracting the id of the current version from the history tab and replacing the content with the template.

Filing cabinet icon.svg

The content of this proposal has been archived to avoid confusion with the current version of the documentation.

View proposal content

Historic artifacts

{{Historic artifact start}} and {{Historic artifact end}} are available to mark a page as a historical artifact meaning that it describes a product, service, or functionality which used to be of greater importance for OpenStreetMap and but is now considered historic. Both templates enclose the whole page.

This page describes a historic artifact in the history of OpenStreetMap. It does not reflect the current situation, but instead documents the historical concepts, issues, or ideas.
What is the page about?
Impact on OpenStreetMap  
How did this content impact OpenStreetMap?
Reason for being historic  
Why is it considered historic?
Captured time  
When was the content below updated for the last time?

page content