Tram systems in the United Kingdom

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Trams in the United Kingdom

A project to map the United Kingdom's tram networks.

Status started

This is a list of tram systems in the United Kingdom, along with references to them in OSM.

Modern Systems

Tram System Routes Stops Notes
Blackpool Tramway relation Northbound relation Southbound 38 Mapped
Croydon Tramlink relation 189917: relation Route 1 relation Route 2 eastbound relation Route 2 westbound relation Route 3 relation Route 4 eastbound relation Route 4 westbound 39 Mapped
Edinburgh Trams relation Route Master relation Eastbound relation Westbound 16 Mapped
Midland Metro relation Line 1 26
Manchester Metrolink relation Eccles Line relation Altrincham Line relation Route G: northbound relation Route G: southbound relation Route H: inbound relation Route H: outbound relation Route I: inbound relation Route I: outbound relation Route J: outbound relation Route J: inbound 93 In the process of re-vamping routes to reflect current pattern. Order of stops in some relations needs minor amendment. Arguably the Rochdale & Bury lines (north of Victoria), Altrincham and East Didsbury lines (south of St Peter's Square) should be re-tagged as Light Rail. Eccles is definitely correct as tram - Ashton and Airport lines are debatable. Also 65667 is Altrincham/Bury Line
Sheffield Supertram relation Yellow Line relation Purple Line relation Blue Line 48 Mapped
Nottingham Express Transit relation NET Line 1 relation NET Line 1 North (Hucknall) relation NET Line 1 South (Toton Lane) relation NET Line 2 relation NET Line 2 North (Phoenix Park) relation NET Line 2 South (Clifton South) 51

Heritage Systems

Tram System Routes Stops Notes
Great Orme Tramway (Llandudno) relation Lower Section relation Upper Section 3 Mapped
Seaton Tramway Seaton Tramway 3 Mapped
Wirral Tramway Wirral Tramway 3 Mapped