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This English article is a translated version, but the content appears to be out of sync with the reference text (usually a French, German, or Russian version on this wiki). Please update this translation if possible.
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Use this label by placing {{Translation out of sync}} in the wiki text of a page.

You can use a parameter as well {{Translation out of sync|src=de}} to specify the code of the language to be used as the source version to translate.

The label also automatically lists the wiki page in: Category:Translations out of sync

Use this wiki label on wiki pages where the the content is out of sync e.g. because additions/changes have been made to the original and these changes require translation. As with any wiki label, if you work on improving the situation, be bold and remove the label. If this article is not really a translation of the English article but a different text, it may be better to remove the languages link between the pages


You can translate this template by editing it and adding a block for your language code (look at existing example for French, Japanese or Russian, but the format is almost identical to the default English text).

The layout and grammar of sentences in each language may requiring reordering or adapting some items that are conditionally generated depending on some parameters above (compare for example English and Japanese versions). To test your translation and this layout, first edit the sandbox version of this template whose documentation page displays a testsuite for all possible cases of use. When all is OK with these tests, you can paste the block for your new language in the main template.

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