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OpenStreetMap에 오신 것을 환영합니다. OpenStreetMap은 전 세계 사람들을 위한 자유 지도 자료를 만들고 배포하는 프로젝트입니다. 자유로운 것처럼 보이는 상당수의 지도들을 사용할 때 법적 혹은 기술적 제한이 걸려 있어, 사람들이 창의적이거나 생산적, 혹은 예상치 못한 방법으로 지도를 활용하기 어렵기에 이 프로젝트를 시작하게 되었습니다.

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2월25일2021-02-252021-02-26 The 100,000,000th changeset is created.
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14 Feb
OpenStreetMap Foundation 2021 survey has ended. Results are posted to the OSMF wiki.
8월20일2020-08-202020-08-21 Mappers can now become an Associate member of OpenStreetMap Foundation at no cost by applying for Active Contributor Membership. A minimum 42 days of editing are required in the last 365 calendar days.
7월10일2020-07-102020-07-11 ÖPNVKarte becomes a new featured tile layer on openstreetmap.org.
7월4일2020-07-042020-07-05 State of the Map 2020 conference is held online this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Upcoming events (Add) – See also Past Events Event archive 2004-2020
11 4월Cville Sidewalks MapathonCharlottesville, Virginia, United States
13 4월Hamburger MappertreffenHamburg, Germany
14 4월Using maps to help prevent and respond to Gender Based Violence
14 4월3. Mapathon Rapperswil mit Missing Maps Zürich (virtuell)Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland
14 4월OpenStreetMap Michigan MeetupMichigan, United States
14 4월OpenStreetMap U.S. Virtual Mappy HourKansas, United States
15 4월University of Liverpool Mapathon 2021!Liverpool, England, United Kingdom
15 4월Virtual Civic Hack & Map NightSan Jose, California, United States
16 4월PoliMappers: Humanitarian Mapping with Map For Future
20 4월138. Treffen des OSM-Stammtisches Bonn
20 4월OSM-Verkehrswende #22 (Online)Berlin, Berlin, Germany
20 4월OSM East Midlands/Nottingham meetup (online)Nottingham, England, United Kingdom
20 4월Lüneburger Mappertreffen (online)Lüneburg, Lower Saxony, Germany
21 4월MapABQ April virtual meetupAlbuquerque, New Mexico, United States
22 4월Loyola University Chicago Friends of MSF Earth Day MapathonChicago, Illinois, United States
23 4월Swiss OpenStreetMap Association Annual General MeetingWeggis, Luzern, Switzerland
26 4월Bremer Mappertreffen (Online)Bremen, Free Hanseatic City of Bremen, Germany
28 4월Düsseldorfer OSM-Treffen (online)Dusseldorf, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
30 4월Map The U Spring 2021Salt Lake City, Utah, United States
30 4월[Online] OpenStreetMap Foundation board of Directors - public meeting
4 5월Missing Maps London MapathonWestminster, England, United Kingdom
4 5월Virtuelles Niederbayern-TreffenOberframmering, Landau an der Isar, Bavaria, Germany
5 5월Stuttgart: Virtueller Stammtisch am 5. Mai 2021
5 5월Stuttgarter Stammtisch (Online)Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
11 5월OSM-Treffen ZürichZurich, Zurich, Switzerland
11 5월Hamburger MappertreffenHamburg, Germany
12 5월Stammtisch KölnCologne, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
13 5월155. Berlin-Brandenburg OpenStreetMap Stammtisch (Online)Berlin, Berlin, Germany
18 5월139. Treffen des OSM-Stammtisches Bonn
18 5월Lüneburger Mappertreffen (online)Lüneburg, Lower Saxony, Germany
20–22 5월Mapping USA
25 5월Virtual OpenStreetMap Belgium meetingCity of Brussels, Belgium
26 5월Düsseldorfer OSM-Treffen (online)Dusseldorf, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
4 6월156. Berlin-Brandenburg OpenStreetMap Stammtisch (Online)Berlin, Berlin, Germany
6–9 6월FOSSGIS-Konferenz 2021 (Online)Rapperswil, Rapperswil-Jona, Sankt Gallen, Switzerland
6 6월OSM-Sonntag (FOSSGIS-Konferenz 2021)Rapperswil, Rapperswil-Jona, Sankt Gallen, Switzerland
10 6월Missing Maps Artsen Zonder Grenzen Mapathon
15 6월140. Treffen des OSM-Stammtisches Bonn
15 6월Lüneburger Mappertreffen (online)Lüneburg, Lower Saxony, Germany
18 6월Missing Maps German Red Cross Digitaltag Mapathon
25 6월Düsseldorfer OSM-Treffen (online)Dusseldorf, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
9–11 7월State of the Map 2021
20 7월Lüneburger MappertreffenLüneburg, Lower Saxony, Germany
11 8월OSM-Treffen ZürichZurich, Zurich, Switzerland
11 10월OSM-Treffen ZürichZurich, Zurich, Switzerland
11 11월OSM-Treffen ZürichZurich, Zurich, Switzerland
19–21 11월State of the Map Africa 2021Nairobi, Nairobi, Kenya