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OpenStreetMap에 오신 것을 환영합니다. OpenStreetMap은 전 세계 사람들을 위한 자유 지도 자료를 만들고 배포하는 프로젝트입니다. 자유로운 것처럼 보이는 상당수의 지도들을 사용할 때 법적 혹은 기술적 제한이 걸려 있어, 사람들이 창의적이거나 생산적, 혹은 예상치 못한 방법으로 지도를 활용하기 어렵기에 이 프로젝트를 시작하게 되었습니다.

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뉴스 edit
8월20일2020-08-202020-08-21 Mappers can now become an Associate member of OpenStreetMap Foundation at no cost by applying for Active Contributor Membership. A minimum 42 days of editing are required in the last 365 calendar days.
7월10일2020-07-102020-07-11 ÖPNVKarte becomes a new featured tile layer on openstreetmap.org.
7월4일2020-07-042020-07-05 State of the Map 2020 conference is held on-line this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
8월3일2019-08-032019-08-04 Most pages on this wiki load faster following a redesign of the language bar. Please report any problems on the language bar's talk page.
6월12일2019-06-122019-06-13 The events calendar has been streamlined for easier editing. See Template:Calendar for updated instructions.
4월11일2019-04-112019-04-12 The OSM Foundation is now an affiliate member of the Open Source Initiative.
3월23일2019-03-232019-03-24 OSM wins the 2018 Free Software Foundation award, adding another trophy to our collection.
1월23일2019-01-232019-01-24 Wiki pages containing outdated but historically relevant information can be marked with the templates {{Historic artifact start}} and {{Historic artifact end}}.
1월10일2019-01-102019-01-11 Data Working Group announces that the Organised Editing Guidelines have been officially put online. (More context on the OSMF blog.)
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  Current events
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Social 10월28일2020-10-282020-10-29 Düsseldorfer OSM-Stammtisch, Düsseldorf, Germany
Mapathon 10월28일2019-10-282019-10-29 Missing Maps Online Mapathon Zürich, Zürich, Switzerland
Social 10월29일2020-10-292020-10-30 OpenStreetMap Utah Map Night, Salt Lake City / Virtual, United States
Conference 10월29일 ~ 31일2020-10-292020-11-01 OpenStreetMap U.S.: Connect 2020, United States
Mapathon 10월31일2020-10-312020-11-01 Meeting Missing Maps CZ & SK [1], Bratislava, Slovakia
Social 10월29일2020-10-292020-10-30 Stammtisch Wien und Mehr (online), Online, Austria
Mapathon 10월31일2020-10-312020-11-01 SSSI FireWater Map-a-thon, Australia
Meeting 10월31일2020-10-312020-11-01 Monthly meeting OSM Piedmont Online, Italy
Mapathon 11월3일2020-11-032020-11-04 Missing Maps London Mapathon, London, United Kingdom
Social 11월3일2020-11-032020-11-04 Virtuelles Niederbayern-Treffen, Germany
Social 11월4일2020-11-042020-11-05 Stuttgarter Stammtisch (online), Stuttgart, Germany
Conference 11월5일 ~ 8일2020-11-052020-11-09 State of the Map U.S. (postponed), Tucson, Arizona, United States
Social 11월5일2020-11-052020-11-06 Bochum OSM-Stammtisch (Online) [2], Bochum, Germany
Social 11월5일2020-11-052020-11-06 Dresdner OSM-Stammtisch, Dresden, Germany
Conference 11월7일2020-11-072020-11-08 State of the Map Japan 2020 Online, Online, Japan
Speaking 11월7일2020-11-072020-11-08 Virtual mappy hour by Saritha, India
Meeting 11월9일2020-11-092020-11-10 OSM x Wikidata #22, MozSpace, Taipei, Taiwan
Social 11월10일2020-11-102020-11-11 OpenStreetMap Utah Map Night, Salt Lake City / Virtual, United States
Social 11월11일2020-11-112020-11-12 Münchner Stammtisch, Munich, Germany
Social 11월11일2020-11-112020-11-12 123. OSM Meetup Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland
Social 11월12일2020-11-122020-11-13 149. Berlin-Brandenburg Stammtisch (Online), Berlin, Germany
Conference 11월13일 ~ 27일2020-11-132020-11-28 2020 Pista ng Mapa, Online, Philippines
Meeting 11월17일2020-11-172020-11-18 133. Bonner OSM-Stammtisch (Online), Bonn, Germany
Social 11월17일2020-11-172020-11-18 Lüneburger Mappertreffen, Lüneburg, Germany
Meeting 11월17일2020-11-172020-11-18 OSM-Verkehrswende #17 (Online), Berlin, Germany
Social 11월18일2020-11-182020-11-19 Köln Stammtisch ONLINE, Cologne, Germany
Meeting 11월18일2020-11-182020-11-19 Virtual mappy hour, United States
Conference 11월20일2020-11-202020-11-21 FOSS4G SotM Oceania 2020, Online, Oceania
Cancellation 11월24일2020-11-242020-11-25 Derby pub meetup, Derby, England, United Kingdom
Social 11월24일2020-11-242020-11-25 OpenStreetMap Utah Map Night, Salt Lake City / Virtual, United States
Social 11월25일2020-11-252020-11-26 Düsseldorfer OSM-Stammtisch [3], Düsseldorf, Germany
  Future big events